Text messaging is one of the most powerful ways to flirt and build attraction and to lay a great foundation for a lasting relationship with a man.

Unfortunately, many women are at a loss for how to properly leverage this technology to make a man feel intense level of attraction toward her with the use of a cell phone and an unlimited text messaging plan. Today all of that changes!

I am going to share a story with you here as an example as to how a woman in fact drives a man away with her ignorance of male psychology. The names have been changed of course.

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Henry met Jade. They hit if off and exchanged phone numbers. They exchanged a few texts, got together a few times and it was going good. Jade saw this as he was into her. She started texting him random things at random times. She texted him Good Morning or Good Night, she texted him that she missed him. She texted him and asked questions like when she was going to see him again. She even sent him texts about what she might be doing at any given point of the day.

Jade wanted Henry to know she was interested in him, she wanted him to know she liked him. She thought this would make him like her more. Wrong.

Henry and I ran into each other and he told me Jade was great, but he just wasn't feeling it for her. What happened?

Jade killed the attraction by taking away the chase from Henry. He already knew she was into him, so what was left to work for? When texting guys, it is never a good idea to be too available or forthcoming. Guys love mystery. If you share too much when texting a guy you like, you kill the mystery which kills his attraction.

Even if Henry is texting her that he misses her or wants to see her, she still should hold back. In the beginning a guy is living in the moment. The beginning is when you set the hook and build that attraction that leads to his attachment. If you are giving him everything too fast, he is going to get bored and eventually disappear (find out other reasons why he disappeared). When texting a guy, hold back, be mysterious. Don't fall into the trap of girlfriend behavior before he has given you that title.

When you text him too often, offer up too much, he sees you like you are waving a sign around that says "Pick Me, Pick Me". Not attractive. He should be wondering if you are going to pick him instead. This builds the attraction, this gives him something to work for. This builds ROMANCE (if you are in stale relationship, you can text the romance back! This is HOW). Don't underestimate the power of attraction and how texting a guy can be a huge factor in this.

The Irony Is You Can Actually Attract Him Back Using Text Messages

Does the guy you are seeing sometimes not reply to your texts or go days with no contact? If you are frustrated with this behavior, some simple texting techniques can turn this completely around for you if used wisely.

Guys like mystery. They value the things they have to work for. When texting a guy you just met, if you want to get and keep his attention, be elusive, mysterious and flirty. Stand out from the other girls. Click here to learn more.

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