1. Begin your search early
If you ever are in attendance at a wedding where you just love the bride’s makeup, do make it a point to ask for her makeup artist’s details. Even a contact number will do. Even if your wedding is not on the cards in the near future, it is quite handy to have the contact details so you can refer to it when you require the services. At least you have an idea of the artist's work. Make use of the internet wisely to your benefit.Most professional makeup artists will either be listed on these websites or have their own websites, showcasing their portfolio and other details.

2. Decide for yourself first,
Have an idea of the kind of look you want for your wedding day. Look through magazines and the internet and keep a file of photos that you can show your makeup artist later to give her examples of the kind of look you desire. Sometimes a visual can get your message across better than words and actions.

3. Ask Questions
Once you have shortlisted the artists give them all a call and have a short conversation with them. Have a list of questions ready to ask them. The questions could be as follows:-
Are you available on my wedding date?
Do you have experience with makeup for brides?
How many trial makeup sessions will you do and will the charges be included in the fees?
Do you require an advance payment?
Are you flexible enough to travel to my location?
What products do you use? Will you be bringing all the necessary makeup equipment or do you expect me to get them?
Will you be able to manage to do the makeup for my friends and other members of my family? Do you have the resources for it? If yes what are the costs involved?
Can you do both hair and makeup?
Are you certified?
What if you are unable to make it on the day of my wedding? Will you be able to send a replacement? If yes, who will that be?
While talking to them observe how they interact with you. They should have the patience to listen to you and answer all your queries to your satisfaction. They should be glad to share information about the products they would use and services.

4. Compare Prices
Weddings are an expensive affair, no doubt. But this is not an aspect where you should try to economize. There are makeup artists available for far less than the others but then one cannot be too sure of the results.. It is, therefore, wise to prefer a professional who does great work.

5. Trial makeup
Once you have finalized your makeup artist, keep in touch with her. Have discussions over the look and the products she will be using. Inform her of any skin allergies you have. A professional makeup artist would use the time to begin your trial makeup, suggest any dermatological treatments if necessary, advice about skin care regimes to follow, and work with you towards achieving your ideal wedding look.

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A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman - it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.