Correctly washing and drying your garments can avoid the shrinkage. The reason for the shrinkage based on the fabric and your washing method.

Reason for Shrinkage:

Heat is the first reason of shrinking clothes. The heat produced from the dryer can make your clothing to change its size, particularly for cotton. During manufacturing The cotton cloths stiffen the threads during the weaving process. Heat break up the threads and unwind the material, so the clothes shrinks in size.

Next reason for shrinkage is the agitation your garments gets in the washer. Clothes get banged around and curled and pulled, and your clothes gets out of shape. Agitation produces shrinking with wool.

Garments made of wool has small scales. When agitated, they dangled on each other and tie the material up into a bundle, also removing the fibers nearby together and ending in a shrunken shirt. To avoid shrinking the clothes from heat or agitation, washing your garments in cold water. Keep this in mind when purchasing garments, such as buying items that are resistant to shrinkage, preshrunk that has low chance to shrink.

How To Unshrink Garments

In many cases, you’re not undaunted clothes; you’re extending them out to their former fit. Usually speaking, what the dryer has completed is growing the tightness of the weave in the clothes. You’re going to be expanding the material out until it’s gone back to its natural size and shape.

How to Unshrink Synthetic Fiber:

Rayon is a gentle fabric so shrinking it will be a small too rough on your garments. Polyester works the same way as other garments.

Using shampoo or hair conditioner to a big basin or bowl. It is based on water you’re using you’ll wish to use one tablespoon conditioner per 1 quart of water. It is a synthetic fiber, meaning it has a tightened weave than clothes like wool and the conditioner relief the fibers relax.

Then, stick your clothes into the bowl and allow it sit for fifteen minutes. After that, remove the garments and softly squeeze it dry, but remove wringing.

With the clothes still wet, extend it out to its normal shape. If you’re looking that the clothes is still too hard, use steam for gentle and relax the fibers. Acknowledge that using pins or large items to ensure the cloths maintains its shape during the drying process.

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