Awkwardness sucks.

You know that moment when you realize you slipped up and said or did something wrong...and that feeling of dread comes over you?

Or you know you’re supposed to say something in a group but you can’t get yourself to do it...and you know others take notice of it?

That’s the worst isn’t it?

No matter what, awkwardness can potentially stick to someone like white on rice.

Well, I’m going to give you some tips to help make that awkwardness go away.

But first, where does awkwardness come from? Why does it happen in the first place?

Awkwardness often comes from not being able to respond to our environment fast enough. The information about our environment comes into our brain and instead of immediately responding what we do is dwell on it.

Dwelling on real time situations.

That dwelling can be milliseconds and it’s interpreted by others as a negative social cue.

Many awkward people tend to ponder or daydream when on their own and it tends to flow into regular everyday interactions.

One of the ways we dwell on real-time situations is by filling up our mental process with thoughts like “I wonder if they’ll like what I say” or “I wonder what everyone is thinking about me”. “How do I get others to like me?” Those kinds of thoughts.

Get it?

Your brain although powerful does have limitations. You’re giving it these kinds of thoughts to process while at the same time trying to deal with real-time situations. This causes your outward awkwardness to manifest.

So how do you practice concentrating on your immediate environment instead of focusing on your thoughts?

The answer might actually be surprisingly simple to you.

Since you spend so much time focusing on your thoughts and worries you are basically on that momentum. It carries over into every other part of your life.

You have to get your brain into the momentum of responding more to the environment.

The simplest way to do that is to play sports or get involved in physical activity.

Have you ever noticed that you think less when you’re involved in physical activity? It doesn’t require a lot of social norms to kick a soccer ball or use a tennis racket. And because it demands immediate attention you spend a little less time worrying like you normally would.

Start playing more sports or get involved in physical activities. Get your brain into the momentum of dealing with real-time situations.

Of course the side benefit to that is you naturally make more friends that are interested in the same activity you are.

Awkwardness won’t go away overnight.

You might have spent years and years getting yourself into this mode so it’ll take a little bit of work to undo it.

But as you work on yourself to improve you’ll find it gets easier and easier through experience To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More on shyness from this author.

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