My life-changing business services were USELESS without the ability to acquire new clients on demand...

Let me explain: Imagine a Ferrari, without an engine. Looks nice, but it doesn't drive. So it's useless as a vehicle. Client Acquisition is the engine for your business. This is your "vehicle" to business growth.

Depending on referrals and "word of mouth" alone is like being transported around like a tow truck...Sure, referrals are good however, they should be only one component of growth, not the primary one.

Referrals dry up, and growth feels like it is out of your control...because it is. Just like riding on the top of that flatbed tow truck.

Want the Ferrari of Client Acquisition for getting coaching, B2B, or consulting clients on demand?

I have 5 core strategies, and here I will share one with you here about using LinkedIn. The process to get new clients on LinkedIn is very simple, I've boiled it down to three main phases.

These three phases have helped me to enroll new clients almost every week in 2018.

The three phases to a Client Acquisition plan are:

1) Properly targeting your Perfect Clients
2) Effective Engagement
3) Compelling Offers

What I've personally found by using LinkedIn to get new clients systematically is that you've got to target people on LinkedIn who are "active" within the last 30-days.

Yes, there is an option that allows you to see who is recently active. By doing this your connection requests are accepted 50-60% or higher, and those who do accept your request are much more likely to respond to messages.

Phase one is to target your Perfect Clients with advanced search.

In phase one, the idea is to find and target your most active "Perfect Clients" in a simple three-step model. This creates your "Client Acquisition" Machine that brings you new clients like clockwork.

Phase two is the Engagement Sequence.

The idea here is to create a logical sequence of messages that starts with a warm and friendly digital-handshake. Over a series of messages you want to position yourself as an expert who is there to add value to them. This engagement sequence does not need to be long or complex. Keep things simple and it will be most effective.

Phase three is a compelling offer.

Now that you have their attention, and they are somewhat familiar with you, make them a compelling offer. A compelling offer is 100X more effective than a convincing argument. Understand the needs and wants of your Perfect Client in a way that you can craft a highly compelling offer.

The best offers are simple, clear, and direct. Seek to solve a specific problem they are likely to have. One of the most effective ways we've been able to enhance this process is by having a bestselling book that demonstrates you are the Authority in your marketplace.

If you have a book, specific to this target market you want to leverage the book that you have to strengthen your trust, credibility, and authority for the best results. If you don't yet have a book, we've created a simple guide that shows you how to write a book, even if you only have 30-minutes a day.

After publishing over 100 books for our clients, we've seen many common mistakes made and I want to help save you time and avoid wasting a lot of time and energy.

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