It takes courage to deviate from the most accepted world-view. Anything that appears to fly in the face of our mundane daily reality is usually dismissed as a hoax or fantasy in our majority rule society.

Many people will simply not consider other possibilities, seemingly outlandish at first, yet will tend to believe unquestionably information derived from news bulletins, heavily laden with propaganda and untruths that suit the underlying agenda.

This is not helped by a media that has just one setting, which is to trivialize and debunk all aspects of the topic of UFO’s and extraterrestrials whenever it arises, with terms like ‘little green men’, ‘ET’s’ and other tiresome repartee, and the issue has suffered a chronic image problem ever since.

Have we been contacted?

Take the crop circle phenomena. The man-made ones are glaringly obvious to detect, with permanently damaged wheat and an altogether unholy mess on display, with some semblance of a pattern thrown in. Contrast this with the majesty of a genuine crop circle, with their highly complex and pitch-perfect finishing, often on a huge scale, (some measured in miles and not metres), appearing within minutes.

This would be humanly impossible, and a Herculean task for a few individuals to execute without prior planning, and advanced equipment…a little more than a piece of rope and a plank of wood, and would take at least a number of weeks. And even more of a challenge for this undertaking to be concealed from the public.

On closer scrutiny there are always flaws with the man-made crop circles, whereas with the real thing, there are none to be found. Even standing up to rigorous scientific investigation, with electromagnetic energy detected within the wheat and soil below, and the corn fully intact, as if summoned to lay this way and that by some higher power. Genuine crop circles are yet to be disproved, and nothing to support a man-made phenomena truly exists to this day.

With the government often sending military helicopters to investigate, likely costing thousands of pounds in the process, it’s obvious that they take this phenomena far more seriously than the general public seem to do.

A crop circle that appeared in Chilbolton radio telescope grounds in Hampshire in 2001 with a message in binary code, was a direct response to signals sent 27 years before by astronomer Carl Sagan and others. Within their message they had detailed information including: our planet and location within the cosmos, the human race and our DNA, and an image of the satellite dish, the means by which the message was sent, closing the transmission.

Incredibly, there was a reply, with the message that they lived on the 3rd 4th and 5th planets in their solar system, with a population of around 21 billion; were grey with large heads and small bodies, were on average 4 ft high and were primarily made of silicone and carbon. They also sent a crop circle with our own image. These crop circles appeared overnight within a secure area, that is monitored continuously, and therefore, impossible to produce under the cover of darkness without being seen. These remain the most famous crop circles and arguably most important to date, and unsurprisingly was not aired on the evening news anywhere.

A government cover up?

There is now mounting evidence and millions of eye-witness testimony, often not just by the general public, but by astronauts and military personnel alike, whom you would think may have a heightened ability to discern more accurately what they had observed than many other people. Furthermore, to go public about their experiences at great risk to themselves from government forces and the highly probable ridicule that will likely follow from their brave admissions, and doing all this for the good of humanity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to invalidate, and more importantly unethical.

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Christopher is based in the U.K. and is the author and founder of Critical Eye, a website dedicated to debating societal issues, international affairs and other topics.

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