The Truth of Your Sparkling Soul: Sitting at the Gazebo

While sitting at the gazebo you may notice that time stands still. It is a moment that transcends the confines of time as you know it. You can lose yourself in the sunshine from its warmth as the light breeze in the air provides you with a comfort that invites you to simply relax. You can gaze out down the tranquil tree lined road and immerse yourself within the peace of your entire surroundings. You may turn to wonder what the road ahead may actually lead to. This compelling intrigue is a reminder that you really do not know. Of course, nor does anyone. Nevertheless, there is an exquisite beauty and serenity of how the road calls to you. Nature’s voice whispers truth to your Sparkling Soul. Listen. It beckons that you listen and find out for yourself.

As you honor this precious moment to allow uncertainty to be with you as it is, right here, now, you may experience a deepening of presence. It is a very pleasant uncertainty that you can venture through for yourself. There is a growing sense of courage deep inside your sparkling soul as you sit at the Gazebo. You can sit with yourself and practice controlled breathing while watching the butterfly pass by. The butterfly comes to acknowledge your presence and symbolically brightens your journey of transformation. It flutters past in such magical flight. It happens so quickly, that you realize its true wonder! It leaves with an amazing imprint of grace and a gift of knowing. You have a depthless promise to only yourself inside the truth of your sparkling soul.

When you sit at the gazebo, you may take a meaningful journey in meditation. With awareness you breathe in every new moment that exists. Then as you breathe out you let go of the negative thoughts that have thwarted your self realization for too long. You realize that you no longer need to burden your inner landscape with such illusion of pain. You can feel your mind, body and spirit naturally align as you make every intention to stay true to your highest self, pure, healthy and whole. And, if you are not well, you set your intention to become well. Your vital energies deep within are yours to discover and harness as you choose. These energies are channeled into expressive qualities that emerge during this quietude, while sitting at the gazebo. Guidance, inspiration and feelings of gratitude enter through the gazebo in profound gentle ways.

You have chosen this time to be with yourself to reflect and renew. When you view the road up ahead, it is clear and open to your imagination, hopes, dreams and all of the inspiration that makes you unique. You are the co creator to make choices along your road. Trust and envision the reality of your deepest dreams and always appreciate the value of your sparkling soul. The sacred message you discover inside is soft, yet very clear, firm, yet also quite gentle, intense yet easily managed and humbling for all that you want to do. This message is the real security within you that guides your every movement. It is your energy for life. This unique energetic vibration is yours alone, for you to choose how you will share this with others.

It is now time that you exit the charming gazebo. Feel free to take your vision of your sparkling soul as it dances a dance like no other. It sparkles and shimmers and glistens with light that you give wherever you go. The open view from the charming gazebo has enriched your sparkling soul. Cherish your self realization as today you begin anew.

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a Licensed Social Worker who has earned her M SW degree and holds a BA in Psychology. Her holistic philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her creative endeavors. She enjoys working with people of all ages.

She completed her certification as a Life Purpose and Life Career Coach with The Life Purpose Institute. Additionally, she has been trained in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing trained at Level II), Masters’ level Reiki Practitioner as well as other Communication and alternative modalities, including Parenting Education.

She has worked in both clinical and non clinical settings with individuals ranging from as young as pre-school age throughout the geriatric population. She is currently dedicating her time to reading and writing metaphysical, transformational, self-help literature.

She can be reached at