If a person who looks healthy has impotence and premature ejaculation related problems, he must be very depressed. Disharmonious sex will significantly hit one's self-confidence.

In the male bladder below the opening, there is a chestnut-shaped gland tissue known as the prostate. Because the urethra passes through it, so when prostatitis appears inflammation, many people will suffer from frequent urination and urgency.

However, the blood vessels and nerves that control penile erection do not pass through the prostate, so chronic prostatitis cannot directly damage erectile function. But the question is, why do many people say that chronic prostatitis can lead to erectile dysfunction (commonly known as impotence, referred to as ED)?

Don't worry! Some scholars have studied it. They found that the more serious chronic prostatitis patients' condition, the more serious their anxiety and depression, and anxiety and depression are important factors leading to erectile dysfunction.

These scholars found that the erectile function of patients with chronic prostatitis is generally worse than that of healthy people. The worse their psychological status is, the lower their erectile function score is. That is to say, it is chronic prostatitis directly causes ED, but men's psychological problems after the illness. Therefore, many patients have severe prostatitis symptoms, but their sex life has not been affected.

What are the causes of anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions in patients with chronic prostatitis? It is mainly due to the following two reasons:

1. Patients who know too little about the disease, after suffering from prostatitis, began to worry about their function problems and will be worried about anxiety and depression over time.

2. Inflammation can lead to urgent urination, frequent urination, pain, other discomfort symptoms, and sexual life, which can aggravate symptoms, which makes them fear the life of husband and wife, and then anxiety and depression.
Besides, some men suspect that their prostatitis will infect their spouses and reduce the number of roommates, thus causing emotional discord and leading to emotional anxiety and depression.

Chronic prostatitis can cause impotence, premature ejaculation, and other sexual dysfunction, which can be treated with antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine. First of all, antibiotics are preferred to treat the symptoms of prostatitis. The commonly used antibiotics are quinolones, such as ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and macrocyclic lipids, such as erythromycin. In addition to antibiotics, other drugs, such as tamsulosin, can also help improve prostatitis symptoms.

Drug therapy alone may not be able to achieve a complete cure for chronic prostatitis. Because the prostate is a particular organ, there is a hard lipid envelope outside, which is a drug barrier, making it difficult for drugs to penetrate the prostate. For erectile dysfunction caused by prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine can also be used, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can gradually eliminate the inflammation, open the body's immune channel, make the body recover function, make the urination unobstructed, sexual function complete recovery, and finally make the prostate disease caused by discomfort disappear.

Patients with prostatitis need early treatment. If you have caused impotence, do not casually take some aphrodisiac drugs. At this time, if the patient is blindly aphrodisiac, it can not cure prostatitis and interferes with the treatment.

Moderate sex life is good for patients with prostatitis. Frequent sex life will reduce patients' constitution, leading to the deterioration of symptoms of sexual dysfunction, so patients need to avoid excessive sex life. Patients with prostatitis can eat some fresh fruits at ordinary times to recover early.

Chronic prostatitis patients should also eliminate the unnecessary ideological burden and understand the correct medical knowledge while receiving active treatment. They even can accept a certain degree of psychological therapy. Only in this way can they get rid of ED quickly.

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