There are a great many pet supplements which are sold as treatments for all kinds of problems, although how effective most of these are is up for debate. Instead of naming and shaming products i believe it's better to give a platform to the products which can actually work, under the advice of trained professionals. 


A recent trend even for us, probiotics as a method for restoring or improving gut flora has been proven to have positive effects over time. While many people believe that the digestive tract of their cat or dog is mich stronger than their own, we're forgetting that a lot of bacteria in the modern world is foreign to them.

Probiotics can not only aid in digestion, but also provide a degree of immune support for cats and dogs which is actually substantiated, unlike many miracle products.


For many cat owners you may not see your cat for 80-90% of the day, with them being avid wanderers and explorers. This trait, while valuable in their original wild habitats, has led them to rub against and play with all manner of dirty things, leading to all kinds of bacteria getting onto and later into them. 

A common problem among cats known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease can remind us of IBS, which we all know to be deeply uncomfortable. Getting the right probiotics for cats can ensure that your cat can continue its carefree life. 


We've all seen dogs pick up something they shouldn't, and sadly their way of picking things up is with their mouth. It's no wonder then that a dogs gut flora biome can range from great to terrible based on their greater environment. For many it may seem too late to train this behaviour out of your dog, but there are measures you can take in between your dogs mouth and your dogs gut.

Properly prescribed probiotics for dogs can give your dog's gut flora the means it needs to fight off bad bacteria and discern good bacteria. This can not only lead to a healthier gut for your dog, but also decrease their stress and anxiety, improving their general mood exponentially. 


The world of homeopathy has stretched across all facets of our lives and has definitely made itself apparent in the pet supplements industry. Homeopathic treatments can be an excellent way to combat or treat minor ailments, and something like homeopathic probiotics could be just what your pet needs.
There are of course some limitations to what homeopathy can achieve, and at the end of the day your pet's quality of life should be priorotized. In some cases homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs or cats can be a comforting thing for your family, but often the cancer comes about because of the dogs specially bred genetics.

Knowing when to let go of a loved one, even a pet, can be incredibly difficult but in the end you may be releasing them from almost endless pain.


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A recent trend even for us, probiotics as a method for restoring or improving gut flora has been proven