We’ve encountered many myths about psychic readings over the years. It’s not surprising there’s so much misinformation and fiction related to metaphysical readings; sometimes the practitioners are to blame.

Below are twelve psychic myths based on our over 30 years of experience with the subject.

Psychics know everything.

This is where some psychics get into trouble. They allow their followers and clients to assume they know everything, and then lose respect when they don’t. A very famous psychic let this happen to her. She died a few years ago with a bad reputation because of it.

Being psychic doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s like watching TV. Just because you’re tuned into one channel doesn’t mean you know everything that’s happening on every channel at every moment.

No psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time.

Sometimes a reader won’t perceive something because you’re not supposed to know it.

Also, regarding questions like “What is he thinking?” or “Does she like me?”, it’s not your right to violate anyone’s privacy and pry into their mind.

Psychics can erase karma.

No one can erase another person’s karma. You must balance it yourself by experiencing whatever is related to it.

Psychics can bring a lover back or stop divorce.

No, they can’t, and if someone tells you they can they’re lying or delusional. If it’s over, it’s over. Using love spells for this is spiritual manipulation and black magic, and will create negative karma for you and the psychic.

Psychics can tell you if your partner cheated.

Some might be able to, but your relationship may not be worth saving if you have to ask a stranger such a question.

Psychics can predict the big lottery jackpot numbers.

Maybe if you’re destined to win, but you probably aren’t, so they won’t be able to perceive the numbers for you.

Only psychics are psychic.

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability. You can increase yours to a degree through regular meditation. Meditation will help you relax, focus, and become more aware of the answers to your questions.

You can alter your destiny.

Some psychics claim, “Nothing is set in stone.” We’ve found that most major events in everyone’s life are predestined. You then have free will to react to them.

Psychics tap into demonic energy and should be avoided, along with all other non-religious spiritual practices.

Psychic work, tarot cards, astrology, numerology, channeling, and other metaphysical practices are not demonic or negative by themselves. However, it is possible to tap into dark energy, with or without metaphysics, if you don’t know how to protect yourself.

Because of this, we recommend visualizing yourself surrounded in white Light, asking for protection and guidance from guides of the Light and your God, avoiding drugs and negative people, and avoiding black magic or similar dark energy rituals.

Only experienced mediums can communicate with the dead.

The loss of a loved one is always difficult. It’s only natural to want to contact them and continue communication.

We believe loved ones who cross over do check in from time to time with those they left behind, are there for you when you need them, and frequently try to help.

The trouble is, however, most of us are not conditioned at an early age to be open to or identify communication from the other side. Most people miss the signs.

In our experience, people who are spiritually sensitive can perceive communication from the other side. For everyone else, daily meditation can help you be more receptive to such insight, as will accepting that your loved ones who crossed over can hear you, and want to help.

Reincarnation and karma are not related or that important.

A good psychic understands that you can’t have one without the other, how much they influence your current life (a lot), and that accepting these theories is empowering through personal responsibility.

Your soul mates are mainly for romance.

Everyone has many soul mates and most of them are for spiritual growth. Anyone who says otherwise needs to stop reading so many romance novels.

Astrology and numerology are only about possibilities.

Once you move beyond the superficiality of modern astrology (e.g., horoscopes, exclusive focus on transits, solar returns, etc.), into comprehensive charting using ancient methodologies, you escape the “only possibilities” nonsense and start to identify “here it comes” predestined life events and circumstances.

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