There will always be different opinion and beliefs, that what makes this virtual reality game so much fun.

Everything is a lie and everything is the truth, it all depends on how you play and perceive the game.

What is true for you is your truth, what is true for me is my truth, the key is to respect both truths and know what ever you believe will only affect your reality, as in your reality their is only you and the reflections of you.

This is my truth

There is a lot of talk on the internet about the galactic alignment that will take place in 21/12/2012 the day the mayan calendar ends. Which some say will cause huge destruction on our planet like the movie 2012.

Don't think so, the galactic alignment has already occurred in 1998.

Here is a quote from a website that I think has got it right, it explains the galactic alignment in a easy to understand way. It also explains what alignment will actually take place on 21/12/2012 that the mayans refer to.

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"And one of the strongest points that I want to make is that as far as mainstream astronomy goes, the earth is in no danger whatsoever. We are not going to fall into a black hole or be inundated with a high level of cosmic rays. The slow change of the angle of the axis of the earth with respect to the center of the galaxy will have no ill effects. As far as Mother Nature goes, it will be business as usual. The sun will continue to shine, the earth will continue to spin and the four seasons will continue to transform from one into another"

Youtube The actual astronomy of 2012 - absolutely amazing

On 21/12/2012 You will wake up in the morning and the day will look the same as it did before you went to bed.

2012 is a window of transformation of consciousness, a land mark of time when we move into the beginning of a new way of being and a new collective of who we are. It is a point in our time line that will start an acceleration towards awakening.

This is when the program ends and a critical mass of beings will have awakened to affect our collective reality, from this point on we will collectively write our reality moment to moment.

Our quarantine will end and we will have contact and hands on help form other dimensions to assist us in awakening and remembering who we really are.

Powerful Oneness creators who co-create with the ONE.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Birnie is the founder of Crystalworlds and websites , and that contains the secrets to a great, abundant and enriched life. Most of his information has come from Argon a Oneness being that has Communicated over the last 4 years. Argon has taught him all about how to create in this reality,the matrix and oneness (infinite love)