Spiritual guides are helpful entities on the other side. But there are some things you need to know to avoid trouble.

We base our advice on empirical evidence through regular meditation and other spiritual disciplines and practices, like past life regression and spiritual detox, since the late 1980s.

We’re used to skepticism, and we were skeptical about angels and guides in the beginning, so we understand it. We also encourage skepticism because we believe blind acceptance is dangerous. We recommend testing theories, striving to fathom every possible angle, then tossing something out if it proves to be invalid.

Direct, obvious, consistent guidance from the other side is rare for most people. Much more common are subtle energetic messages that come in the form of brief visions, sounds, scents, tastes, or feelings.

However, you need to know that troublemaker entities also abound in unseen dimensions and can affect you here on the physical plane.

Here’s part of the feedback we received on the subject:

“I recently had a psychic tell me that I should have gone ahead and lied on my resume in order to get the job I wanted. I don’t believe in lying or being unethical to get ahead. She made it sound like my guides were the ones who said this and I was very upset about it. I can’t imagine that guides would tell me to lie and that as a result it was my fault that I didn’t get the job. I hope I did the right thing by sticking to my values. But now I’m confused as to who and what my guides are.”

Except in unusual circumstances, we believe your guides would not tell you to lie on your resume. Otherwise, the psychic was giving her opinion, or she was accessing negative energy.

Here are some signs that the “spiritual guide” you access is not for your highest good:

1. The entity suggests you lie, cheat, steal, or hurt someone, which would make you incur karma.
2. The guidance is biased.
3. The advice comes through a ouija board, which is notorious for attracting negative entities who pose as spiritual guides or angels to inexperienced or careless users.
4. You didn’t specify that the insight come from your spiritual guides of the Light. If not, it’s an invitation to dark energy to confuse and mislead.
5. The spiritual guide claims to be someone famous.
6. You’re in constant communication with the entity. In such a case, it’s more likely to be a disembodied soul that has not gone to the Light. In our experience, spiritual guides do not hang out with you full-time; they tend to pop in when you need them.
7. The entity shows up only when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise not centered. In this case, chances are it’s a dark entity or disembodied soul, not for your highest good.

You may have several guides on the other side, some with you for a long time, even since birth. Our past life research indicates you’ve likely known them in past lives or on the other side, and some might be in your life in physical form later.

An aside, you should avoid, at all costs, drawing on demonic or dark entities to help you reach your goals because you will be indentured to them. In other words, don’t sell your soul to demons. We believe it’s a serious threat. http://spiritualgrowthnow.com/demons/

The best way to access guides of the Light on the other side is to practice regular meditation, which allows you to detach from your active mind and become more aware of subtle, helpful signs.

Through regular mediation you can do even better: access your higher-self, or God-self. It is here where all the answers to your questions reside, though sometimes you are not meant to know the answer to a question until later, if at all.

With practice through regular meditation, you’ll have all the help you need from spiritual guides and your higher-self. Just be aware that spiritual troublemakers exist too.

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