Lest intellectualism that today is immersed in setting up big cities everywhere was instead diverted in making plans of setting up advanced villages we would have witnessed small self dependent advanced rural areas everywhere. Neither thus would urban areas get over populated, become dirty and endure all forms of distortions and nor due to talent from villages running away to urban areas rural areas get rendered withered and depleted.

Whether in self or public regions wars should have been equally declared everywhere as a big crime. Just like small Village Panchayats (governing councils) International Panchayats too could have solved disputes. Thus weapons in limited measure would have remained in the hands of the police force or International Panchayats and nothing like what is seen today would have been noted ere untold measure of wealth and human resources were not wasted in designing and amassing destructive weapons. Only if wealth power was utilized for augmenting literacy, designing factories that operate smoothly, growing new trees etc then by using energy for creative endeavors that is today misused for waging wars so much could have been attained which would be astounding and mind boggling.

Ere the goal of education was not merely to render people clerks and officers and was instead used aptly in designing solutions in the social aspects of public life and social management everyone the world over would be educated, well cultured and would use their capabilities in such a way that everywhere a zest for development would have spread its wings. Only after a literate person educated at least 2 illiterate people so as to get a letter of recommendation for a very responsible high post today’s problem of widespread illiteracy would have been solved. If industry training was conjoined to schools and colleges compulsorily no complaints of joblessness and poverty would have been heard.

Press and film fraternity/industry influences the public psyche in an extraordinary manner. If for these 2 gifts of science a discipline in the form of printing, filming only that which wholesomely influences everyone’s thinking then the requirement of multifaceted education of mankind could have easily been fulfilled. They would have succeeded in rendering the laymen knowledgeable and highly cultured.

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