These are the facts about True Love and American Dream:
1. Most people in America believe that they understand the meaning/ concept of True Love, but in reality, they do not understand it. The proof? The divorce rate in America is more than 50 %. This high divorce rate proves that they understand/ practice more of the other concept: Self-Love.

2. It is the media to be blamed. The media (movies, books, radios, tv, magazines, newspapers) confuses people with the wrong meanings of True Love and American Dream. ”I think I have found my True Love”, or “I fell in love with her at first sight”. Even Jane Burns understands, in the movie ‘Dan in Real Life’:”Dad, love is not a feeling, it’s an ability”. True Love is not a thing, person or feeling; it’s a divine concept of living. Only from understanding True Love fully, and from living/ practicing it completely (an ability), can we truly enjoy the power of it (a divine feeling). And ultimately, becomes a Force.

3. Why do people in this world, between friends, lovers, families, neighbors, countries, have fights/ quarrels/ conflicts/ disagreements/ divorces/ wars today? The answer/ logic? A. Very simple and only one: they have different visions of love. B. They think that there could be several right answers/ solutions to one question or one relationship/ marriage/ life problem or one parenting problem. C. In fact, everybody has his/ her own understanding of love, and everybody thinks that he/ she is right, that’s why there will always be fights/ disagreements between them. All of these are the faults of the media.

4. The same way people have different visions of True Love, they also have different views/ definitions of the American Dream. For the past 2 hundred years, people in America have had many definitions of happiness, reflected by the many interpretations of the American Dream. Success from hard work. Financial security. Material comfort. Fame. American capitalism. Immigrants. Economic prosperity. Religious freedom.

5. Then again, why is it that some people have all the possessions in the world, yet they remain unhappy? Why is America the wealthiest, most advanced and most powerful country in the world, but it is also the unrivaled leader in divorce rate? Two logical explanations. One, what we previously aim as our American Dream never provides us with the highest altitude of happiness. In fact, the preceding concepts of the American Dream claim to be bigger, from one another, for every one of them was never defined to be the ultimate meaning, for the others, not to refute, or challenge, its supremacy. Two, the prior meanings/ pursuits of the American Dream have focused on the Outer Shell of things, Outside/ Material Success, or the Worldly Belongings/ Accomplishments, whose enjoyment is only temporary, but never on Thorough Success: Inside and Outside.

6. How can there have been many (meanings of) American Dreams? Because the right meaning/ concept of love has been believed to be many. But the meaning of the “True” American Dream? From our website/ foundation/ answers to you, we will prove to you, that by logic, there can be only one ultimate concept of the True American Dream: a way of life based on the highest conception of True Love, just as that True Love concept is the only one right, correct, ultimate, original, indisputable, universal, True way of loving in this world.

7. There has been no school/ education curriculum/ book in history that tells/ defines/ explains the one ultimate meanings/ concepts of The American Dream and True Love. This is what the media/ education has not revealed, that True Love concept is a perfect code for living that covers and integrates all the ultimate concepts of:"How to be Romantic, True Happiness, True Marriage, True Relationship, True Parenting, True Friendship, True Purpose of Life, True Leadership, True Faith in God, and Kingdom of Heaven”=(10 Ideal Principles/ True Concepts).


The goals of the True American Dream universal Code for living, or how we solve the Problem:
1. A universal truth/ rule: one vision/ understanding of True Love unites and strengthens (makes people go to the same direction), while many visions divide (break people apart, make them go to different directions, or make them fight/ have disagreements). In other words, many right answers/ solutions to one question/ problem makes people fight. That's why it is of the utmost importance that people realize this truth: there can be only one right answer/ solution to every one question/ problem. So our first purpose is to provide people with one ultimate/ right answer for their every one problem, or to stop/ mediate fights, conflicts, divorces, disagreements between people, which also means to bring them closer together and more loving to each other. The key to unity, no fights, no quarrels, the highest level of happiness, the world’s unity and lovers’ perfect harmony: one vision of True Love. Less fights/ disagreements mean less costs not only to the people, but also to the government (wiser spending, more purposeful actions). Therefore True Love program (True American Dream Concept) promotes stronger and healthier Economy.

2. By logic, there cannot be many or several meanings of love or True Love. There can be only one right and correct meaning to the True Love concept. In the beginning, God created a perfect concept called True Love as a manual for humans to live a truly happy life, for the use in finding and enjoying their divine state: as wise, as mature, as selfless, as happy, as complete, and as powerful as God. Yet humans are lured into believing that another concept, called Self-Love, or Selfishness, would bring a higher happiness, or more powerful state. In reality, the Devil, or the Fallen Angels, invented that Self-Love notion, to steal us from the very joy of life, whereas the end result is, we are tricked. Less power for us. Giving us a weaker foundation. Sadness, confusions (knowledge about marriage, parenting, relationships), stresses, problems, loneliness, hate, jealousy, fights, violence, wars, personality disorders in children, juvenile delinquency, sickness, etc....(the Derivatives of Self-Love). These are the indications that people are indeed unhappy and they don’t really understand/ practice True Love.

3. To prove to people that the highest level of happiness and completeness as human beings will be reached by understanding and practicing True Love, fully. How? True Love will eliminate those problems above (the Derivatives of Self-Love). Proof? By logic, by understanding and practicing True Love concept fully, people will think of only one right, ultimate solution to every one problem (less headache), whereas Self-Love practice will cause people to think of many wrong solutions, instead of just one right solution (more headache). We will also prove that the misunderstanding of True Love, or the practice of Self-Love, causes people those problems (the Derivatives of Self-Love) and lessens the quality of and enjoyment to life.

4. Total enjoyment, and mastering all kinds of relationships: between a man and a woman, between parents and their children, between a human (creation) and God (its creator), and between a person and others (the world). Enjoyment comes not only from the beauty, but also the blessings. Self-Love brings people to the OUTER/ Shallow meanings of the 10 Ideal Principles, whereas True Love brings people to the INSIDE/ deepest meanings/ True Concepts (including the Total Enjoyment, Full Benefits, Blessings in life).

5. To live like God: reaching our highest senses (the highest altitude of feeling Truly in love) and our Divine Capacity, utilizing our in-born Godliness, and enjoying the benefits of being like God.

6. To create more awareness about the Power and Benefits of True Love: as wise, as mature, as selfless, as happy, as strong, as complete, and as powerful as (like) God.

7. To build more happiness, contentment, a sense of purpose and direction in marriages, professions, actions, decisions, leaderships, relationships, friendships, and in lives.

8. To form a stronger and happier next generation (our future children), and consequently, a happier world and a better place to live in

9. All of the above makes up the perfect enjoyment and true richness in life, our wholeness as human beings, a Thorough (Inside and Outside) Success, or the Heavenly Possessions. So to reach being Truly in love is NOT a product of chance or meeting like the media wanted people to believe; it is the end product whose conditions are described above (The Strengthening of the Soul).

Author's Bio: 

For the past 10 years, I have been blessed, inspired, led by God to understand and decipher the ultimate meaning of True Love (as a divine concept), to identify the nature/ cause/ root of the problems/ fights/ disagreements that people have in their relationships, and to spread the findings to the world. Through study and research in psychology, philosophy, marriages, love, faith, parenting, purpose of life, friendships, destiny, relationships, happiness, leadership, how to be romantic, bible, I have formulated the ultimate, indisputable, unprecedented, correct concept of True Love into the True American Dream code for living (also under God’s guidance and supervision). With my foundation, I, as His servant/ messenger, hope to accomplish His mission: to help people of all ages master and enjoy all kinds of relationships, to solve their problems, to stop their fights/ disagreements/ divorces, to make them reach the highest level of happiness and completeness, to show that their misunderstanding of True Love concept (how the media has played a major role in that cause of confusion), or the Self-Love practice, is what caused those problems. The posts inside this website reveal the summary of my findings:http://www.thetrueamericandream.org/