The Tree Embraces Its True Nature

The secrets of creation may be found within the infinite wisdom of a tree.

A tree can teach us much more than we may even come to know. When we are challenged by situations that seem insurmountable to us, the tree provides a gentle comfort through its spiritually guiding ways. It is not a surprise that “The Tree of Life” is a well known phrase that conveys poignant symbolism for the deeper meaning of life. The tree represents an essence of strength, deep knowledge, and it may also help show the way toward enlightenment. The dignity of a tree bends with humility as it generously offers such beauty, amongst much more.

The tree’s significance portrays attributes such as courage, flexibility and faith in Mother Earth. It roots firmly in the ground while simultaneously stretches up toward the heavens. The tree embraces its true nature as its branches gently move by the wind. The wind does not harm the tree as it sways the branches in ever changing motion, even though it may shakes many leaves to the ground. While these leaves fall from the tree, the tree does not concern itself about how will it grow new ones. The tree trusts fully in its own ability to restore and replenish its leaves when the times of seasonal renewal arrive. It knows that it will have to weather the many elements of wind, rain, snow and sometimes storms that influence its existence. It is still quite content to be where it is.

The tree embraces a truth of life. It is captures both feminine and masculine character traits. It is justly revered by many as nature’s finest blessing which shows natural strength while humbly yielding to seasonal change. The tree surrenders to the cycle of seasonal change yet still remains healthy and strong. It may turn bare during the winter resembling a dying and then as Spring time arrives, it is revived miraculously.

The intrinsic nature of a tree’s world is natural ease and purity. The tree feels the center of the world deep inside its own trunk. Its core is known to have secrets that stem from an ancestry of time before. The tree grows patiently into its strength through a lifetime of years as it enjoys living the simple life without contention. It lives peacefully amongst the others. It masters a bold presence and willingness yet it does not have any preconceived goals; it just exists within the beauty of its environment without expectation or disappointment. Each and every one of us can gain a plethora of self knowledge and insight by sitting up against the sacred energy of a tree. Let us not forget that the tree provides us with clean fresh air to breathe in during meditation while walking through a forest, park or alongside the river. We can simply admire the magnificence of our trees as they choose to creatively align just as they are.

The reality of a tree embodies the truth of serenity, without any attachment to anything beyond itself. The tree does not yearn, sulk or burden itself by outside events. It flourishes in its uniqueness without comparing itself to the other trees. The tree is alive in the moment without pondering the past or the future. It lives in the reality of now. It accepts itself completely the way it is without wanting to be something else. It knows no fear, contempt or apprehension; it knows only grace and humility. The connections we feel are embedded by the trees. The tree is not bound by time or space. The tree exemplifies so many possibilities for humanity.

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a Licensed Social Worker who has earned her MSW degree and holds a BA in Psychology. Her holistic philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her creative endeavors. She enjoys working with people of all ages.

She completed her certification as a Life Purpose and Life Career Coach with The Life Purpose Institute. Additionally, she has been trained in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing trained at Level II), Masters’ level Reiki Practitioner as well as other Communication and alternative modalities, including Parenting Education.

She has worked in both clinical and non clinical settings with individuals ranging from as young as pre-school age throughout the geriatric population. She is currently dedicating her time to writing metaphysical, transformational and self-help literature.

She can be reached at