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If you are willing to simply keep an open mind about what you are about to discover then your life can become transformed by merely following some very unique ways in how to use the vast untapped resources that are lying dormant deep inside your brain.

Scientists generally agree that we humans only use a small
fraction of our brain capacity. I am about to let you prove to yourself that you can use these simple mind techniques by
triggering some of your own mental powers that you likely have never even thought about. My observations here span the time frame of my life that started over fifty years ago. As a young boy growing up in Venezuela an event took place when I was about 10 years old. What happened to me back then caused me to become very conscious about something that we now call "perception".

The short definition of perception is the ability to have
awareness. Almost everyone of reasonable intelligence has some level of perception. People who have very acute or a highly developed sense of perception are often referred to as physic.

My most compelling point is that with a little practice and by following these simple techniques you too can develop and
strengthen your own gift of perception to an amazing degree.

Then by developing and working on your gift of perception you will start to find a greater ability to make better decisions.

You will have a much better grasp of the problems and challenges in your life because you will develop a much greater awareness and thus a better understanding of how to resolve all of the challenges you will face.

I wish that I could take the credit for these amazing discoveries but the truth is that I had a lot of help and
influences from some of the wisest and greatest minds of human history. What I have done is to merely take the most effective and easy to use techniques from these great minds and to put them into a easy step by step plan that anyone can use.

My earliest teachings come for studying the Holy Bible. I was and still am fascinated with a simple five word sentence
attributed to Jesus Christ:

"Ask and ye shall receive."

When I was in my twenties I became a huge fan of Norman Vincent Peale. One of his most prophetic sentences was only seven words:

"You can if you think you can."

In my thirties I became fascinated with the theories and work of Albert Einstein. Here again one of the most important and compelling observations by Einstein was only six simple words:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Most recently I was gratified to read Dr. Daniel G. Amen's book "Change Your Brain Change Your Body". Indeed Dr. Amen in this book confirmed much of my own work over the past fifty years.

However, for me, one of his most interesting observations was this short sentence:

"Don't believe every negative thought that pops into your

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Amen and Jesus Christ.

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