When a person undergoes any type of cosmetic procedure they consider the cost factor and look for the cheap options. But, they eventually regret their decision following the surgery as the results are not as expected. Hair Transplantation procedure needs precision and expert skills which is not available with every surgeon. Here are some of the top reasons due to which you need to avoid the cheap hair transplant procedure.

Permanent and natural-looking results are not possible
During the treatment, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and it should be implanted in the frontal area for natural results. The knowledge of transplanting the grafts accurately needs proper qualifications and experience. So, do not waste your valuable left hair by choosing the procedure which is cheap and it will give fake results.

Final results take a lot of time
Many clinics extract too many hair grafts in one session which eventually damages the grafts because the procedure is incorrect. This is going to affect the final results and in the future, it might even trigger progressive hair loss.
Safety considerations are neglected
Opting for the cheaper procedure is going to be a bigger compromise to your health. Hygiene and safety matters a lot otherwise it can trigger complications, side effects, and lethal disease also which you are going to regret throughout your life.

This is why when our patients visit us to get the treatment we make sure they get a safe and comfortable environment. We assure you that you will get the best treatment plan of Hair Transplant in Vizag at our clinic.

The graft Survival rate is less
With expert skills, the graft survival rate will increase. The surgeon should know the right technique of extracting the grafts which they will get from years of experience. The cost might be the same but they will extract more hair grafts to give the same amount of fullness and treat the bald area, but this will decrease the survival rate of the grafts.

The density of donor gets affected because of wrong technique
At times, the surgeon uses the wrong technique which was not supposed to be performed. Transplanting more grafts or less, in both situations, there will be a problem.

Keep in Mind
Choosing a cheap hair transplant option can be attractive to deal with hair loss. But there is a big hole in the wall while choosing this option. Complications can increase as safety protocols are not followed as the surgeon is inexperienced. Also, the instruments used for the treatment are reusable which is going to put the patient's health at great risk. Moreover, the surgeon does not understand the prime reason behind the hair loss.

Key Considerations at Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre
Strict protocols are followed at all levels to guarantee 100% safety
Single-use instruments for the extraction and the placement are used, which ensures safety & painless procedure.

Full control of the direction, depth, and placement angle which ensures 100% natural results
The procedure from start to finish is performed by a trained and certified surgeon.
Graft's viability rate is above 90%.

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