You want to believe that you have the power to create your reality. You've probably dabbled with the Law of Attraction and had some encouraging results. But what sets you apart from the person that consistently creates all that they want?

There are three key distinctions between a conscious / deliberate and unconscious / part time creator. Knowing these key distinctions and being willing to implement them in your experience will ensure your speedy transition from unconscious to conscious creator.

A conscious creator...

Key 1 - BELIEVES that they are already a conscious creator. Sounds pretty self-evident, but how many of us are using the Law of Attraction as a means to prove or disprove that we consciously create? For example you might have in the back of your mind, "If I get what I want, then I will know that I am a conscious creator." Being a conscious creator is the exact opposite...when you believe that you consciously create, then you will prove that you are by creating all that you want! If you find that you are using the Law of Attraction as a scientific experiment, I invite you to instead be willing to consider that you are a conscious creator right now. Only then will you be on the path to actually proving that you are!

Key 2 - CHOOSES to put their attention on their internal reality, not their external reality. You've heard it before, "From within out." A conscious creator chooses, no matter what their circumstances to keep their attention on their creative power which they know is the cause of their external reality, their state of being! They know that when their attention is on creative cause, the external reality will have to conform to their internal creation. Be willing to choose to be aware of your state of being. This demonstrates that you are conscious of your creative power and when you are conscious of it, you can use it.

Key 3 - ACTS from a state of acceptance, not resistance. They know that in order to create what they want in the external world, their actions have to be in alignment with what they ultimately want to experience, the state of being perhaps of wealth, health, prosperity, freedom, love, connection...these states of being physically manifest from the state of acceptance, never resistance. So a conscious creator closely monitors their state of being and only takes inspired action, not action created by a state of fear or need. Be willing to take action only from a state of being of acceptance and you will greatly reduce the amount of "mistakes" created by unconscious creation.

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Doreen Banaszak, author of, “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Now” has coached clients into new careers, careerists into entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs into new businesses, and spiritualists into higher levels of spirituality by teaching them how to be the conscious creator they are.