Dating Sim games aren’t a new thing. Still, it’s recently that there has been a sudden increase in the demand for these kinds of apps. In your phone’s platform stores or your Facebook account, you may find the advertising for many different Dating Sims apps, and the number of followers and good reviews are surprising.

Why is that so? What has changed? Here, I will explain some of the main reasons why Dating Sims Apps are popular today.

The Digital Era

Since phones became a very important tool for every person in the world, the apps have invaded every home in every country. There is an app for almost everything; some are very useful and necessary in some cases; others are just for fun.

Developers started to create game apps such as puzzles, warfare, and simulation apps. Dating Sims apps are easy and inexpensive to develop, so it didn’t take long until they were out there too.

Their funny short stories and intriguing characters got attention from a young teenage audience—with their phones and extra free time in their hands—who started to ask for more.

Free And Easy Games

Many of the Dating Sims Apps are free to download and use little space. You can take them with you everywhere on your phones, tablet, and laptops.

The gameplay is very easy and intuitive; as the main character in the story, it’s your duty to meet and charm the women (or men) that surround you and have a successful romantic relationship with one or many of them.

For doing so, you must talk to them, and you get multiple choice options for that. Pretty easy, right?

As mentioned before, they’re short and have replay value. You can play them as many times as you like to get different endings, either with the same chosen love or with one of the many other options.

Many Apps, Many Stories, Many Loves

Being so easy and cheap to create, there is a large number of Dating Sims Apps for any platform. The goal is a simple as it can be: date and fall in love, and potentially get married.

The difference lies in the stories and the characters in them, where this goal is achieved. Modern Japan High Schools may be one of the most common, but even so, there are many ways this can be improved. It could be a High School for monsters! Or there could be a special event coming up.

Some are very imaginative stories, many of them with funny elements, some of them more into the drama of the story.

Then, you have the characters you must seduce. Most are very cliché, but once you get to know them, they can be as exciting as any real-life person, with their own artificial intelligence, lives, and dreams.

And, of course, they are gorgeous. This is a very visual genre, after all, so you won’t see many flaws on your potential lovers.

Safe Love

The truth is that love is not easy. Teenagers and single young adults know this, whether they have a non-corresponding crush for someone, or if they had a hard breakup, there’s been a pain in their hearts.

Dating Sims Apps give them something to hope and dream for: a special someone that will love them no matter what.

Isn’t it nice to hear your chosen love telling you that you mean everything for them? To feel that you are loved?

These apps can also help you experiment with different aspects of love you didn’t know, without being rejected or criticised.

Maybe you like someone of the same genre, and you are not sure if it is something that you would like. Or perhaps you have particular needs, uncommon likes, that you are afraid to say aloud, not even to your friends.

This is a way to try all those things from the safety of your room.


The search for love is a human thing, and many fail in the process. Today is still hard, but Dating Sims Apps make them a little easier. It’s a fantasy world in your mind, as daydreaming with book or TV characters could be.

So start your new fantasy today, download a Dating Sims app, and join the legion of lovers that dream!

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Martin is a blogger and internet marketer.