Table Tennis is a type of indoor game also known as the ping-pong. To play this game we require two or four players and the main objective of this game is to hit the ball to the opponent side. In this game player hit a light weighted ball with the racket and this game is played on the hard board table divided by the net.

Table Tennis is the game, plays an important role in maintaining fitness level because to play the game players are to do different kind of physical movements that results in enhancing human fitness level.

Table Tennis is a type of Olympic game controlled by the worldwide organization International Table Tennis Federation. This game is originated as the sports in Britain, where it was played among the upper class as an after dinner parlor game and commonly known as wiff-waff. At that time the game is played with the help of books served as the racket or placed at the centre of table as a net.

Table tennis is the game where the following accessories are required like tt-ball, bat, racket and net. To play the game, first service is decided by a coin toss. The server first stands with the ball hold on the open-palm of the hand not carrying the racket and toss the ball directly upward without spin. Then the server strikes the ball with the racket on the ball’s descent so that it touches first his court and then touches directly the receiver’s court without touching the net assembly.

Stroke is the condition occurs in table tennis game when the ball is hit by the racket and these strokes are categorized into two categories one is offensive stroke and other is defensive stroke.

Spin is the term added onto the ball causes major changes in table tennis game play. Every stroke or serve creates some kind of spins and understanding the individual type of spin allows players to defend against and use different spins effectively. These are the spins considered in the table tennis game i.e. backspin, topspin, sidespin and corkspin.

Table tennis is the game popular in Asia and Europe and continuously gaining attention in the United States. The most popular international competition of table tennis are World Table Tennis Championships, Table Tennis World Cup, Olympic and ITTF pro-tour.

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