Isn’t adorable when you see little kids’ blushing red face? Or how adorable teens are when their cheeks turn red when they see their crush around? But seeing a full grown man’s face turn uncontrollably crimson as a tomato is a bit unusual. If you too suffer this excessive flushing of blood on your cheeks then you should deal with it in these top four treatments for facial blushing.

Excessive facial redness is triggered by stressful and anxiety-causing situations and circumstances. Anxiety is a psychological condition resulting in facial redness. This can be controlled through psychological strategies and techniques. Facial crimsonness is also set off by food such as caffeine, spicy food, hot drinks or food with extreme temperature. Alcohol as well as nicotine contributes in activating facial blushing.

Proper Diet and Regular Exercise

Foods that trigger your face to turn extremely red should be avoided to reduce its occurrence. Along with having proper diet, you should also exercise regularly. Exercise is important for proper blood flow in your body. As simple as it may sound, a balanced diet and exercise can help in controlling facial blushing.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy or otherwise known as CBT targets the psychological etiology of facial redness which is a psychological condition. This psychological mechanism helps in changing the pattern of thinking. When the thought process is manipulated, anxiety and embarrassment is diverted and controlled thus reducing redness of the face as well.

Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Anxiety can also be managed through relaxation and breathing exercises. These exercises help reduce anxiety and help the mind to relax. When these anxieties are reduced, the chances of experiencing facial blushing are also lessened.

Overcoming shyness

Dealing with shyness is the easiest and the cheapest way to cope with facial blushing. Having more confidence in you will help eliminate bashfulness. You can do this by training yourself to react in other means and not by being shy. You should anticipate situations that can trigger shy reflexes, so be sure to know and control these situations.

Knowing the causes of blushing is helpful in devising ways on how to prevent it. These are the top four facial blushing treatments that will help you fight against extreme facial redness. You may be eager to know more other means to treat your excessive facial redness without spending too much or putting your body into some sort of experiment.

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