It feels like you can't go a single day without hearing about some celebrity or politician mixed up in some sort of marital affair. They are fully aware that in this time of camera phones, twenty four hour news and the world wide web that they are watched more closely than ever before. That does not stop them one bit.

The same may be said for two timing spouses who are not in the public spotlight. Although they might not have to worry about never ending paparazzi, there are plenty of people watching what they are doing.

Why do people cheat on their significant other? Probably for the very same reasons people have cheated since the beginning of marriage. Arguably the top reasons are:

1. Lust

It's as basic as it gets. A spouse meets someone that catches their fancy and all bets are off. They must have this person no matter the consequences. Once they satisfies their craving the process starts yet again. It is like an alcoholic that can never ever get their fill.

2. Self Doubt

The significant other for whichever reason doesn't feel very good about themselves. It matters little they are with someone who loves them greatly and continuously conveys to him or her just how wonderful they are. It is still not sufficient. So they go out and have an affair with the hope that it will fill the emptiness they feel yet all the while knowing full well it will not. The troubled mate may be overcome with remorse however it doesn't prevent him or her from being unfaithful.

3. Care Free

This is the bunch which tells themselves that their lives are too short so you have got to satisfy yourself anyway possible. If this happens to be in the shape of a marital affair then that's the way it goes. No person should ever deny them self of pleasure. Besides they really do not mean any harm. That's just the way it goes.

4. Monotony

The couple are in a completely predictable routine so the cheating mate is looking for some excitement. Anything that is going to break up the monotony thereby making them come to life again. The easiest way to do this is get together with somebody and then begin an affair. They understand it is sinful yet the joy of being freed from the boredom of everyday life is definitely worth the risk.

5. Not Sure

Your wife or husband does not really know what they genuinely want. One moment it is domestic bliss with their soulmate the next minute it's the overwhelming desire to be not married and playing the field. They really like the concept of married life but are not completely willing to put aside what they experienced before.

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