The top capsule coffee makers or Nespresso machine or capsules
The automatic capsule coffee machines were born in the mid-eighties, although it was not until 2006 when they experienced its commercial explosion. The brand that led this change in the habits of coffee lovers was Nespresso. The Nestlé Group Company began its journey in Switzerland, Italy and Japan, while Spain did not arrive until 1998. However, now it is the country in which more physical stores have (80), proof of the fashion that has been unleashed by this type of coffee makers in the country. Its success has led to the entry into the market of other brands, who try to take advantage of this boom: Dolce Gusto, Tassimo de Bosch, Philips, and Lavazza...

Among the advantages of these products is the convenience of having a coffee - very good for some, with some lacks for others - quickly and easily. You only need to insert a capsule in the coffee machine and press a button. From EL PAÍS Escaparate we have selected a range of models of capsule coffee machines that are among the most popular of Nespresso and others of the main brands in the market. We also choose capsule packages for different models.


Nespresso DeLonghi Inissia EN 80CW

This Nespresso machine from the DeLonghi brand is currently one of the best sellers in Amazon Spain. It is a compact, lightweight machine with an ergonomic handle. It has automatic shutdown after nine minutes without activity. It also has a pressure pump of 19 bars, two programmable buttons (espresso and lungo) and a rapid heating system that allows using it in only 25 seconds. It is available for the same price in black and, somewhat more expensive, in orange. In addition, we have selected this offer from Amazon because it has a very competitive price thanks to a discount of 27%.

Krups Nespresso Essenza Mini

The Krups Nespresso Essenza Mini offers an ultra-compact modern design with maximum comfort. It allows to have a quality coffee machine in the smallest possible space with a size of 33x8, 4x20,4 centimeters. It has two coffee programs (short or long) and an energy saving system that is activated after three minutes of inactivity and that turns off at nine o'clock. It has 19 bars of pressure and rapid heating that allows its use in 25 seconds. In addition, it is currently on sale and has a discount of 36%.

Nespresso Krups Pixie

This coffee maker has a good rating among the users who have bought it (4.3 out of a maximum of 5 stars and 193 opinions). It stands out for being a small, ecological machine with an intelligent alert system to adjust the water level. Like the previous ones, it has two programmable buttons (espresso and lungo) and a rapid heating system that makes it ready to use in 25 seconds. Among other features, it has a pressure pump of 19 bars and the auto-off function after nine minutes of inactivity. Now it has a discount of 24%.

Rechargeable capsules for coffee makers Dolce Gusto

These reusable capsules offer certain advantages over those that sell the first brands. For example, they allow filling the capsule with the coffee that best suits the consumer's taste. In addition, they can be adjusted according to whether they prefer more or less quantity, which saves money thanks to reuse and respect the environment by reducing the waste generated. The useful life of one of these rechargeable capsules is 50 uses. They are 100% compatible with the Dolce Gusto Piccolo, Melody, Creative, Circolo and Genio coffee machines, among others.

The process of making coffee "save on Nespresso capsules" always involves grinding the seeds and then boiling them with hot water to extract the flavor. What differentiates an espresso from a filtered coffee is the fineness of the grind and the way in which the hot water is mixed with the ground coffee.

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