If you or a loved one have just come out of a stint in rehab, the main focus is to now stay and remain sober from drugs or alcohol. However, this is sometimes easier said than done.

There are so many misconceptions about relapse, that’s why in this article; we aim to set the record straight.

'Relapse Means Addiction Treatment Didn’t Work'

A relapse does not mean that addiction treatment never worked. It simply means a mistake has been made, that can fortunately be rectified to avoid making the same error in future.

'Relapse Occurs Due To Lack of Motivation'

Relapses can happen to anyone, regardless of how motivated you are.

Anyone can slip up, as there is unfortunately no cure from addiction. Recovery is a lifelong commitment to remaining clean and sober.

'Relapse Happens When a Recovering Addict Uses Drugs or Alcohol Again'

A relapse begins long before the recovering addict uses drugs or alcohol again.

A relapse starts when a recovering addict starts thinking and acting in the same manner they did while they were addicted.

Bottling up any feelings, becoming lonely, getting into risky situations are just some warning signs that a relapse may be imminent.

'Relapses Cannot Be Avoided'

Now that we understand that a relapse starts long before a recovering addict starts using drugs or alcohol again, we are here to tell you that a relapse can be avoided by knowing the warning signs.

As we mentioned above, hiding any feelings, becoming isolated from those supporting your recovery and engaging in dangerous activity can all point in the direction of a possible relapse.

'Relapse Only Happens When I Use the Drug I Was Addicted To'

A relapse can occur even when a recovering addict uses a different drug to what they were previously addicted to.

If a recovering addict uses any drug to change how they feel and behaves, it can be considered as a relapse.

'Suffering a Relapse Means That All Progress Has Been Lost'

What a relapse cannot destroy is the valuable time that you’ve spent in rehab, even though the time that you remained sober has now been lost.

The faster a recovering addict learns from the mistake made, the better.

'If Relapse is a Mistake that can be Rectified, then it’s Okay to Have One'

Despite the fact that a relapse will make a recovering addict stronger and better prepared to avoid it from happening again in future, it doesn’t make it okay.

Some people may not be able to handle a return to their addictive ways after treatment. We urge you to refrain from using alcohol or drugs after addiction treatment.

Relapse Advice and Treatment

If you or a loved one is experiencing some of the warning signs of a possible relapse, then it’s important to take action immediately.

If you or a loved one has already relapsed, what’s important now is to get professional addiction help again inside a rehabilitation centre.

It's the safest way to get back on the right path again.

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