Do you have bad habits in your business? Are there things you repeatedly do just out of habit? You know you could be holding yourself back from success but you continue making excuses. I'm sure you've heard the quote by Tony Robbins, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

Bad habits and excuses go hand in hand. If you want to kick your business up a notch but you're allowing excuses to keep you stuck, have a look at the following list.

These are the top 7 excuses business owners use to justify their inaction and how you can turn that around to achieve the success you strive for:

1. I don't have the time. A lot of us procrastinate by getting lost in busywork because it’s easier. These are activities that take up time but are not producing results. By managing your time well and prioritizing, you can ensure that you make the time for that important project.

2. I'm too busy. Similar to the above but rather than procrastinating you are multitasking to the point of accomplishing nothing. Try single-tasking. Focus all your energy on the task at hand. You will make fewer errors and achieve better, faster results.

3. I'm afraid it won't work. Fear of failure can be immobilizing. Make a list of ideas you’ve dreamed of putting into place in your business, but haven’t because you’re afraid. Take action in small steps and celebrate each small success along the way. If things aren't working, do it differently knowing that you're learning and improving with each experience.

4. I'm afraid it will work. Success can be scary because it means things will change. You will have new and probably more responsibilities but remember you have more to gain than lose. Keep doing what works to create long-term success.

5. I'm making enough. We are creatures of habit and become comfortable with the status quo. However, it is crucial to get outside your comfort zone and come up with new ideas for your business. Volunteer to speak at the next networking event. Perhaps the regulars know you socially but do they really know what you do? There are probably at least one or two fellow business owners in the group that could benefit from your product or service.

6. I've always used 'X'. Loyalty may not always be a good thing. Does it take your webmaster 2 weeks to make a small change to your website? Perhaps it's time to look for someone more efficient. Don't let loyalty hamper your success.

7. What I'm doing is working. In this case, maybe all you need to do is keep doing what works and add to it.

So if your desire is to have something greater, what's stopping you? Choose one of your bad habits and create a new one. It is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit. That's not long really. So put yourself up to the challenge. Start today and a month from now your world will be better for it.

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As a Business Support Specialist, Jennifer Hazlett provides offsite administrative help from her home based office to business owners with a multitude of office management and technical tasks, giving clients the expertise they need and more time to focus on growing their business. Sign up at Jennifer's website, Alternate Admin for your complimentary report "101 Ways to Boost Business with a Virtual Assistant".