Planning to take a travel cruise with your family or friends during the holidays? Below are some of the best international cruises you'll find plus tips and guidelines to help you book the best cruise.

Taking a cruise to Galapagos Islands will definitely be an adventure worthwhile. With this cruise you'll get to discover the remote islands that is home to extraordinary wildlife which Charles Darwin observed and supported in his evolution theory. The best time to cruise in the Galapagos Islands is between April to May as it offers warmer weather, clearer skies and relaxed seas.

An Antarctica cruise is also another perfect venture to take during December to the last days of February as cruise lines do not operate in Antarctica from March to September, which is the Antarctic winter. This cruise is perfect for those who love the cold as well as for those who have wider financial budgets as Antarctica cruises may be steep. The upside with this cruise is that you get to see colonies of penguins as well as high glacier cliffs and icebergs.

Mediterranean voyages are also one of the best international cruises to take as they are packed with exciting areas comprising the French Riviera, Italian Ligurian Coast, Greek Islands and Spanish Costa del Sol. The downside of travelling in Mediterranean cruises is that several ports you'll land on are congested with tourists during the summer. With this in mind, it is preferable that you travel from the months of May to September.

South Pacific cruises should also be included in your options. The area consists of lavishing tropical paradises such as the Fiji and Polynesian islands. The weakness of this particular cruise is that it takes too long when travelling to the area and between the islands.

The Baltic Sea is also a must visit during your international cruises. You'll be able to visit different Scandinavian cities including Copenhagen, Helsinki and Tallinn. The best time to go on a Baltic Sea cruise is between June to August when it's the warmest.

When booking cruises, it is ideal that you do it from the months of January to March, which is considered as the wave period. It is normally the time when all cruise lines are at their busiest. This is the period wherein cruises pull out all stops and offer their clients with various great deals. Also, be sure to contact the cruise line first and ask them regarding specific cruises and stateroom that may interest you. Ask for any special deals and make sure that they know your age and location. Furthermore, you should tell them if you are planning to cruise with a group and if you've already cruised with them in the past.

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