Being a locksmith is a highly specialized trade as well as an art where your skill makes you a master of the trade and you the most sought after. Apart from the skill and a person’s individual agility, there are many other factors which are responsible for his name in the trade. The most important being the tools that he uses to carry out his task which makes his task a little simpler and helps him solve the problem in comparatively faster turnaround time.

When it comes to the tools for opening of locks one’s memory goes back to the Bond movies where one could open locks with just a tweak of the pin. Well, we all wish if it could be that simple. There are a variety of tools that the locksmith uses however a few are very basic which are a must in every locksmith’s bag. Coming to the main tools, here are a few basic ones which make all the difference:

The plug spinner: This is a great tool which is used to reverting the locks. The locksmith generally lifts, rotates and moves the plug with this tool. The point is to get the lock in the original position by turning it in exactly the opposite direction. Here the locksmith must know the locked and unlocked position of the particular lock type he’s handling so that he knows which way to turn.

The key extractors: Many times in an attempt to open the lock, more than required force is applied on the lock. The result is that many times the key breaks in two parts and one part remains inside the lock. In such a situation before we do anything on the lock, we must first remove the part of the key from the lock. This is done by key extractor which removes the key and any other material stuck inside the lock.

Locksmith Car light: This is generally used to identify the inner components inside the car door.

The keycheck: The tool is used to match with the right blank of the lock.

Computerized picks: For complicated locks, we need little sophisticated tools. These would be computerized picks. They are used to open combination systems and can configure disc patterns and 6 pins.

Electric Gun: These are small drills which run on electricity and can easily go inside the lock and open the jammed locking system.

Apart from all the above mentioned tools, there are many other additional basic tools like Deadbolt installation kits, locksmith hammers, router drills, tension wrench and key cutters which help the locksmith to make his task easy and faster. It is very imperative that a locksmith has the right set of tools so that the locksmith can complete his task faster and also cause least or no damage to the existing property. The tools of a locksmith are like his additional hands and the proper knowledge and usage of these tools will make his life simple.

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Sam Reiss is a professional locksmith in greenbelt team lead associated with Greenbelt-based company that focuses on offering locksmith & security solutions. He has wide experience of working in all types of locksmith services.