Hiring Private 11 plus tutors is a not a luxury..it’s a MUST, if you think your ward is lagging in terms of sincerity, competence and attentiveness in the school and that is reflecting in the assessments. 

In fact, parents of a number of students have sleepless nights just because of the fact that their kids are not faring that well in the school and they are in real danger of not getting higher grades in assessments. 

Thus, under the circumstances, these 11 plus tutors in Chelmsford like anywhere else would step in, and bring in a change in the attitude in the kids' psyche and that makes a difference in their performance in the assessments. Now, this does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process and these professionals follow a certain procedure to make that happen. 

Here are a few standard tips that these people follow. 

The First Step - Evaluating the Ability of the Child

This step involved getting introduced with the student and getting to know the competence and gauging the ability to grasp things and evaluating the ability of the student in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, numeracy and literacy depending upon the subject the professional is teaching. It also involves evaluating the psychic property of the student and the presence of mind and ability to adapt to new things and ways of teaching. 

The second step – Adopting the style of tuition 

Once that is done, the experienced 11 plus tutors in Chelmsford would chalk out the right and suitable strategy of tuition that will prove to be fit for the student's mental ability. They will come up with new ways of guiding the student and appropriately preparing them, plugging all the weak points with the help of customised techniques and resources that may prove to be productive and result oriented. However, at this juncture, it must be mentioned that there is a wide range of other considerations to be taken into account beyond the scope of tuition for the overall development of faculty in the student in question. 

Here, starting with the tuition at the right nick of time is imperative, students suddenly subjected to private tuition right in the middle of a year might not be able to adapt to the new system. Hence, starting at the right time is crucial. 

Arranging for mock Exams 

It has been seen that the students with a lacuna in a particular subject suffer from a phobia about exams and assessments. Thus, it is the responsibility of the private tutors in Chelmsford to guide the ward out of that phobia. Now, this is a gradual process and cannot be achieved overnight. Thus, these tutors would arrange for mock tests periodically, in such a way that the assessments, to some extent simulate the real thing. This, when practiced for a long period, will help the student come out the phobia, and simultaneous training and grooming to plug in the loopholes will raise the confidence level to a new level and this will make all the difference at the end of the day. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is one of the most experienced private 11 plus tutors in Chelmsford. The author is also associated with a renowned school as is a blogger.