April 5, 2012 was and is a very important date because it began the acceleration of our manifestation abilities so we will be able to manifest quite quickly almost instantly. We no longer have the buffer or time lag before things manifest. The photonic energy (explained in previous blogs) connects to our thoughts so it is important that we know what we want, rather than what we don’t want, otherwise, we will manifest more of what we don’t want. The interesting fact about this energy coming to Earth and us, is that since it is at a very high frequency it creates the power of instant manifestation of our thoughts and emotions, which means whatever we think, we create instantly.

Please do not focus on what you do not want or you will manifest the very thing you do not want. If you focus on what is happening currently in your life then you will receive more of the same. Instead think how you want your life to be in its glorious, abundant and loving state and then become happy and appreciative with who you are and where you are now because you know that your ideal life is here and with lots more great things to come. “And guess what”, due to your appreciation of who and where you are and your happy thoughts of your ideal life, you have raised yourself into a higher vibrational frequency. And “What does that mean for you”? That means you are vibrational attracting other things, people and opportunities of that high vibrational frequency. (Law of Attraction, Law of Gratitude). Remember, everything and I mean everything is a vibrational frequency and your thoughts and emotions are very powerful; you are a Co-Creator through your thoughts and emotions. If you are in the process of change and transformation this vibrant photonic energy works well for you. On the other hand, if you are stuck in the past through victimization, hate, jealousy and anger, you will simply manifest more situations and reasons to remain stuck in victimization until you are sick and tired of it and are ready to release it.

The choice is yours to make the shift into this new golden era; do you want to do so in misery or happiness? What you choose to think and perceive will be your reality. So take this opportunity to create the very best and happiest reality for you and for All. The choice is yours and remember we are in our instant manifestation period and it started April 5th, so get those note pads out and write down and focus upon what you really want and feel confident and happy that it is here and watch how the Universe gives you your abundance for the good of ALL.

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With Much Respect and Love,
Wendy Baudín
Self-Love Sherpa & Wisdom Guide

Wendy started paving her path to become a Self-Love Sherpa 30 years ago while doing plenty of deep and heavy lifting in her own life. Having dealt with and overcome a wide range of challenges, speed bumps, and life-changing experiences – ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, navigating divorce, grieving the death of a parent, and facing and getting beyond bankruptcy, she acquired the skills to move ahead with grace — without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage. With a lifetime of formal and enrichment education fueling her journey to self-discovery, Wendy’s mission today is to work side by side with women at mid-life who have also seen a lot of life. They are ready to lay down their heavy burdens to step into the joyous lives of possibility that have been so close but seemingly out of reach – until now. Working together, Wendy takes them on a step-by-step journey to reach toward the mountain tops that are their highest and best expression of what they want their lives and work to be about today.

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