In my last article, I talked about the three most important things your man wants from you sexually.

In this article, I share the reverse side of this topic and cover the three things that make your women want you sexually.

The reason I changed the title is that there is more of a connection with a woman’s emotions and her sexual desire than for a man. I never like to generalize so I want to say that men’s emotions play a part of their sexual desire as well.

However, a woman’s emotions play an even more prominent role in her sexual attraction to you.

As I wrote about in my last blog from the men, the information I am giving to you comes from a very large sample from my private practice of what I have learned from women currently in relationships or when discussing past relationships. I have definitely learned a lot from them about what is and is not important to them, what is more important and what is less important to them.

Starting from the third most important thing that makes your woman want you sexually, I will then go down to end with number one. Even though I give them numerical value, all three are very important!

The Three Things That Make Your Woman Want You Sexually
# 3: She wants you to have a sense of purpose and a direction.

She likes when you have things you really care about where you follow through with action to make things happen. This could be in your career or business, it could be in your hobbies or creativity and just as importantly it can be in your interactions with her personally.

Ideally, this sense of initiative and leadership would be manifested in all of those areas.

This masculine energy evokes in her a feminine energy which increases her desire for you. Regarding having a sense of purpose and direction, it is important for the you (the man) to have your own opinions even though you may disagree with your partner. Men that avoid conflict and are too quick to placate and agree with their partner find that their women can be turned off.

Having a direction and being a leader does not mean that the man makes all the decisions and always gets his way.

I will talk more about this later on #1 and #2.

What it means is that she can relax knowing that she is getting something real and genuine from the core self of the man she is with.

# 2: You make her feel that she matters.

The number one way you do this is by thinking about her and making it very clear that you are thinking about her.

That could be from something as simple as sending her a text in the middle of your work day telling her how much you are thinking of her or how sexy she is or whatever you want to say to elevate her energy.

Another way to make her feel that she matters is to ask her questions.

Get curious about her and then remember her answers. And then bring up those answers that she has said at a later time so that she realizes that you are actually remembering what is important to her or what her thoughts or feelings are about a particular topic.

She wants to feel cherished.

When the man sees himself as someone who is responsible for making her feel significant, important and cherished, he will make it a habit to think about her more and act on those thoughts.

In the sexual realm, he can do the same things- namely being curious about what she wants sexually and remembering them even at a later time and acting on that information.

She feels like her desires matter and this sense of feeling significant to you is quite the aphrodisiac!

# 1: She feels emotionally safe with you.

What that means is that she feels free to be who she is and to express her emotions and that you will not judge her for them.

You are someone that she can relax with and trust that you will be there for her no matter what she is feeling.

This trust allows her to open up her heart as well as her body to you. When the man shows that he cares about her feelings and is there for her even in her pain, this depth of trust that is created can lead to a very powerful sexual relationship as well.

Of course here is where honesty makes such a difference.

This is why betrayal can do quite a lot of damage to her ultimate sexual desire for you because trust is so essential. Actually, the common thread in all three of these tips is that all three of these tips lead to more trust in your female partner.

Trust is the key.

Trust is what allows the woman to feel safe enough to let you in. Trust dissolves the fear that prevents her from desiring you. This is why I say that a man who learns how to be a good listener is being his most masculine self.

This listening and acceptance leads to her feeling her ultimate femininity and makes her want you.

These are the top three things that make your women want you sexually that I have learned directly from the women I work with in my private practice.

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