A standard pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks in humans. The pregnancy period is divided into three stages referred to as trimesters. Each trimester is three months long. Each trimester represents the unique stages of pregnancy. Here is a look at the three trimesters of pregnancy and the changes you may expect.

First Trimester
This is the period from the baby’s conception to 14 weeks of pregnancy. It is usually calculated from the last day you had your periods. During this stage, you will experience the earliest symptoms of pregnancy including morning sickness, tender breast, fatigue absence of periods and frequent urination. Easytobemom suggests that during this stage, you are advised to take small but frequent meals in order to avoid nausea. One of the best exercises that you can consider during this stage is walking.

During this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes, ears, digestive system and nose begin to form. Its heart too will start beating during the later days of this trimester. The baby weighs about 2g and is 2.5 cm long.

The Second Trimester
This is the second stage of pregnancy and it begins at the onset of the fourth month of pregnancy. During this stage, the morning sickness may disappear as you regain your lost energy. The hormonal changes in your body may lead to increased vaginal discharge. In addition, you may begin feeling contractions and relaxations of your uterus commonly referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions. Swelling of feet and ankles, as well as lower back pain too, may begin to occur at this stage. Some of the best exercises that you can consider during this stage of pregnancy include mild yoga and Kegel exercises. These exercises are meant to strengthen your pelvic muscles. This is also the stage when most pregnant women begin noticing stretch marks on their bodies hence you should avoid itching your abdominal area to avoid developing pregnancy stretch marks.

Concerning your baby’s development, you will begin noticing the movements of the baby as he develops muscles. During this stage, your baby’s heart is fully developed. Fingernails and toenails too appear during this stage. The baby’s hair too begins to form. Your baby should be about 10 inches long and weigh about 300 grams.

The Third Trimester
This is the last of the three stages of pregnancy, extending from week 28 to week 40. During this stage, you may have sleepless nights thinking about the arrival of your newborn. Braxton Hicks contractions too intensify during this stage of pregnancy. In addition, you may feel a lot more tired and short of breath as a result of increased growth of your baby.

By the 40th week, your baby should attain full size and weight, which is about 2100 grams and 16 inches long for a healthy baby. His organs and systems are fully mature by now.
Pregnancy stages or trimesters of a normal 40-week pregnancy are divided into three months each. These stages of pregnancy are vital to both the mother and the baby. As a pregnant woman, you will experience several physical and emotional changes as you nurture the new life inside you. Be sure to know what to expect during each of these stages in order to have a successful pregnancy.

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Annabel Strickland