Trading revolves around losses and profits. While trading, a risk of losing money and capital is always involved, which can not be neglected. A trader can not earn profit overnight; it requires the strategy for investing in the market. The following article covers the same strategy and key 3Ps factor, which shall help traders to earn higher profit.
Trading and investing through 3 Ps have a huge impact on the profitability of earning and making profit.

Purpose: the objective of Investment

The traders should have a well-defined objective for Investment. They should always make a blueprint of their Investment. It is one of the essential tools for investors involved in the trading process. They should have a detailed understanding of the; why, what and how to trade? The purpose of Investment should be clear in the traders' mind. The traders should know whether they want to trade or sell the asset in the market. They should know how traders will take charges of financial security.
They should decide from the various investment assets such as Bonds, ETFs, forex, gold and silver, which will be best suitable for them. The following vital guidelines that traders should follow are:
Create wealth: It is one of the most critical features of trading. A trader, before investing any amount of money, should have wealth. And maintain the stock of money in its account.

Traders should always have a well definite purpose
regarding education resources.
Construct an inactive income.
Create a trade business.

The objective of the trade should always be defined and traders should have a vast knowledge and analysis about the asset they are trading.

Purpose helps traders trade according to their will, increasing benefits from assets and value over time. It is a mechanism that is used for generating future income. It becomes crucial for the traders to have a well-versed plan because investing in the assets with a proper purpose helps traders to:
Keep money safe.

Help them grow in terms of money value.
Minimise the burden of the tax.


The plan is an essential strategy for trading business it helps traders diversify their investments and build wealth over time. This investment plan allows traders to understand the various options available for the traders. Keeping a strategy is vital to touch the sky with flying colours. It motivates the traders and holds a record of the tracking.

Planning keeps a tab on the open position in the market.

The planning helps the traders:

Diversification of trade: With diversification, a trade can spread investments across various risk levels, sectors and types. It's like "putting all the eggs in one basket."

Stocks capitalise on bull markets; bonds provide fixed-income stability when the bears arrive.

High-tech investments could take off at hyper speed; dividend-producing.

The diversification concept is so powerful that it helps traders to have a good turnover.

It helps traders to avoid coming into context to Gambling.

Identifying financial goals and converting them through building a plan.

When, how and which tradable assets a trader should trade.

A well-defined plan not only helps traders to earn profit but also enables them to track their trading.
With the help of planning a trader can reduce the potential risk and there will be a system in the trade. This helps traders to have diversified trading options.

Patience and practice

Patience and persistence make investing more profitable for the trades. This strategy helps the trader to develop valuable skills and know more about trading. It involves staying calm during trading. Traders should not be in a hurry and should have patience towards earning profit.

Traders should always be kept in mind that success does not come overnight, and the graph of growth is never the straight line. The trading journey is full of ups and downs in the journey.

Traders should always understand that they can't make a huge profit in one go; it requires lots of patience and perseverance to wait for the right time for profit. They should always learn from the mistakes and try to overcome them. Plans help traders to decide at what time they should trade.

Practice! Practice! And practice! It is one of the most important for traders to practice till they get the full knowledge about the market. It makes traders understand the market as well they learn about the tool and analysis.

The patience and practice make traders a professional in the market. It helps traders to react to the changing condition and alarmist headline or stay the course by sticking to the plan, making necessary tweaks along the way.

Patience is a signal that assists traders to make profits.

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The Bottom Line

The 3 Ps of investing Purpose, Plan and patience is the tool towards the traders' success in the trading business. These strategies help traders to trade in the market with confidence. These three 3 Ps help traders to understand the importance of trading business. The traders, with the help of the 3Ps, can always make a profit.

Frequently asked questions

What is the strategy that a trader should follow while investing?
Patience and Practice
Which broker is suitable for Investment?
The following are the brokers which provide traders with a good and user-friendly platform: T1 Markets, HFTrading, ETFinance, Global TradeATF, Brokereo.

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