Mention the term “Electronic Security” and most of us immediately think of CCTV or closed circuit television system. Security in general and CCTV in particular helps prevent hooligans from taking law into their own hands and at the same time keeps criminals at bay.

A CCTV typically consists of three components; a camera, DVR or digital video recorder and a display device. The function of Digital Video Recorder is three fold.

1. It helps transfer the video footage which is captured by the camera on to your display device.

2. It stores images or videos so that you can view them later.

3. It also helps you in accessing this video footage remotely; via internet or local area network.

As a rule of thumb it is advisable to buy a Digital Video Recorder which can save footage in high quality; generally 704 X 576 pixels. There was a time when these devices used video tapes to store data but today they use SATA hard drives.

One of the main components of CCTV system is the camera. There was a time when these cameras were big and bulky. Their form factor limited its exploitation; especially for covert tasks. Today, these cameras are available in miniature sizes. A mini spy camera is typically an extremely small camera which needs just a few centimeters of space to hide.

These cameras are great for covert operations. They are so small that they can be fitted inside any household or decorative items such as toys, clocks or picture frames. It can run on its own with the help of 9 Volts battery making it a perfect covert camera.

The word surveillance is a French word for "Watching Over". It typically means monitoring the behavior or actions of people or to keep a watch on sensitive locations. Surveillance is of two types; overt and covert. In overt surveillance the camera is not hidden. It acts as a deterrent and at the same time provides proof in the form of video footage in case an untoward incident occurs. Surveillance camera installed on highway or traffic signals is a perfect example of overt operation.

Surveillance cameras come in an array of shapes, sizes and technologies. Weather proof outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, IP based cameras and multi lens or multi focus dome cameras are some of the options that are available to the user.

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