I talk to lots of entrepreneurs who say they don't like selling and they won't acknowledge this important aspect of their business. They figure that people will just gladly offer them money and they won't have to ask for it.

Most of these people are also struggling to make ends meet because regardless of what kind of business you have, selling is always a part of the process and although it would be fun, people are very unlikely to chase after you to give you money for your services.

Most people are careful about what they spend money on. People who are generally spender types, will buy spontaneously and on a whim, but that is usually “toys,” or material things, not services that are higher priced and involve a relationship.

If you are offering a service, like coaching, healing arts, web design, graphics or another way of helping people, your potential clients will not be in any hurry to hire you. They want to be crystal clear sure and know they are making the right decision.


Last week I signed up for an eight week seminar. It is a series of classes that will hopefully give me tools to be more in control of my money; a very worthwhile focus. However, I was unsure about the return on my investment. It will be a big time commitment and although the $350 was not a lot, I have to be mindful of where I spend. I was cautious. Very normal!

In order to keep the cash flow happening in your business, you need to understand the psyche of your target client. In my case, even though I was interested, I was also very wary and almost didn't register. What helped me decide was that the tutor spent time talking with me about the benefits and she helped me make the decision. She invited me to join.

Here are three important and essential parts to successful selling your service.

1. Connection. Connect with your potential clients. Listen to them, who they are, what they want, why they are interested. Paraphrase back what you heard. Make sure you understand their situation and give empathy. Empathy goes a long, long way. People want to be understood. If you don't demonstrate that you get where they coming from, you will never make the sale. People need to feel that connection first and foremost. The key is to learn to listen and provide empathy before anything else.

2. Confidence. You as an entrepreneur need to be super confident about your specialty and your ability to provide the benefits your client wants. People want to work with experts and specialists who are secure in their ability, trained and skilled as this emulates a sense of trust that you will be able to provide what they need.

If you are operating from self-doubt, your potential client will feel it instantly and back away. They have enough of their own self-doubt and what they want is someone who is self-assured. If this is your challenge, ask yourself what you need in order to feel confident and then make doing that a priority.

3. Converting. Helping your potential client to make the decision and actually sign-up for your program, schedule a session or hire you for their job is a huge part of the sales process and where many people slip up.

There are two reasons why entrepreneurs drop off at this point.
One, you are uncomfortable about asking for money. This might have to do with your own self-worth or unresolved money issues.

Two, you are worried about being pushy. You don't want to be like that archetypal used car salesman and have people not like you. As a result, you disappear and cannot help your client to make a decision at this important time. In both of these cases, you are focusing on yourself and your inner blocks.

It is impossible to be dealing with your own stuff and also being there for someone else. Ultimately you need to determine which of these two issues are getting in your way and then come to a place of resolution so you can be there one hundred percent for your client and not be focusing on your fears.

If you follow my seven part marketing circle, selling is in pie piece number six. What happens before that makes the selling part easy once you have resolved your own blocks. People will be ready to hire you if you follow the steps in this circle. These three points will help you to stay focused and on track.

Which of these points are the easiest for you and where do you feel you drop off? I would love to hear your comments.

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