Getting six pack abs is definitely the holy grail of fitness and fat loss. It definitely is part of everyone's goal, among those who want to look better and fitter.

It is common for many people to start a program enthusiastically and expect to see immediate visible results. Since fat loss does not occur overnight, most people give up and stop trying to lose weight entirely, blaming the fat loss program. If you were to understand right now that getting a set of solid and defined six pack abs is something that requires much hard work over a considerably amount of time, you will be more likely to succeed.

The following are three of the top reasons why most people fail to get the coveted six pack abs and only achieve a flatter stomach at best.

First of all, not every program is customized to your body type. To get the optimal results, you should get a specialized form of training. If you were to apply a generic work out found in fitness magazines, chances are that you will fail to see much visible results even after long periods of time. Additionally, you must also take into consideration your daily schedule and see whether the proposed diet can fit within. This is because for people with very hectic work schedules, they cannot possibly be able to sit around and prepare their meals all day long.

Secondly, over training can actually cause your muscles to shrink instead! Some people get overly excited about seeing results and work out hard every single day without taking any rest. Although you may see quick results in the beginning, if you cannot keep up at this pace, you will eventually over train and your results may either remain stagnant or even worsen! You should build up the intensity and frequency at which you train over time and not suddenly. Over training is the syndrome where there is excessive fatigue on your muscles without allowing it to recover. The symptoms to look out for will be a constant strong lack of motivation as well as muscle pain everywhere. When you experience something like this, you should take an additional rest day to let your body and nervous system recuperate.

Finally, your lifestyle may be preventing you from seeing visible progress and results. If your lifestyle consists of much smoking, partying and drinking regularly, then the chances of you succeeding regardless of whatever program you use is minimal. Six pack abs are not easy to get; you must put in all your effort to see them. But trust me, the feeling when you achieve them is really awesome. Your confidence levels will skyrocket beyond anything you thought possible.

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