The third eye. It is a powerful tool, legendary and told of from ancients, that can help to unlock one more lock in the intricacies of the universe. Those that doubt their third eye, or even the existence of it, fail to see what is beyond and as a result their third eye is closed tightly, shut off from receiving energy waves that would help them, not hurt them. Imagine the third eye like a pair of glasses. Without glasses, a nearsighted or farsighted person has a difficult time seeing the world clearly as it is meant to be seen. But if they continue in their near or farsightedness without ever correcting their vision, they will believe that the world is simply always blurry and unclear, that it was made and meant to be that way. But when they wear their glasses, they finally realize for the first time that they had been seeing things wrong the whole time. Their damaged vision skewed their way of thinking, but they were set back on track by the addition of the glasses. So it is the same with the third eye.
Without opening our third eye, we see the world with blurry and even blind vision, unaware that there is so much more to view and realize if we would just pick up the glasses. These mental “glasses” is your third eye. It is the key to unlocking success, wealth, love, and relationships. If you’ve ever wondered how certain people, such as Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, become so successful with their lives is because they have learn to subconsciously open their third eye. They may not realize that their gift of unlocking the third eye is called “the third eye” but they have subconsciously tuned themselves to attaining this power, to “pick up the glasses” in a sense.
How is the third eye attained? Some people, such as the famous and successful ones I have mentioned above, and you could think of many similar people, learn how to unlock it naturally. They are naturally more sensitive to the inner workings of the psychic mind and third eye that they don’t even need to know about the third eye in order to unlock it. You don’t have to be famous or fabulously wealthy to know that you are one of the people that can unlock it naturally. If you find yourself very content with your life and circumstances often go the way you want even when obstacles arise, then you are probably born with a natural talent for discovering the third eye.
But others often struggle with developing third eye, which is why they stumble through life, burdened down with problems, stress, and worry. There is no one step process to magically opening your third eye, but there are many steps and different paths you can take to achieving this. One is engaging in deep meditation. Meditation is very beneficial for the soul and life path, as well as reducing stress and health problems. Another method to opening the third eye is to first unlock psychic ability. When you develop psychic ability, your third eye begins to open naturally, and you see existence through a whole new, crystal clear lens. It’s up to you to decide which path to take in unlocking your third eye, but when you do you can be sure of the path to attaining contentedness, lifelong happiness, and a greater understanding of purpose. You may even receive enlightenment or revelations from your third eye that completely change your world view forever.

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Misty Woodard is an experienced psychic counselor and teacher who has been practicing and discovering mysticism, psychic healing, and clairvoyance for 15 years. She offers an easy, step-by-step How To Be Psychic online course that helps people reach and develop psychic and spiritual potential and live the happy, healthy lives they were meant to live.