A precise group of equivalent universes also called as multi universe or Multiple Universes. This term of Multiple Universes also describe the possibility of physical reality of multi universes. Although in many cases the term “alternative reality” also has the same conditions to the parallel universe, however, parallel universe has the general attitude to imply a relationship without connotations. You can describe the term Multiple Universes as, “the different universes exist, but separated with a single type of quantum event from each other.”

As the time goes on and the human acquiring more place to live on earth, we discover many realities about our planet. In the beginning, it was observed that the earth was flat, but the quest of knowledge force us to the free space of skies and unveiled many realities about the planet.

Alan Guth, a physicist revealed the theory of multiple universes depend on his several observations. Many peers of professor Guth believe in this theory. According to professor Guth, at the creation of universe, an alternative to the gravitational pull to bring the objects together, a gravitation of reverse type also working to repel all of it, which he remarked as “false vacuum.” This theory looks like plausible, as the scientists of our world have proved that the world is expanding constantly from the day of creation. Professor Guth also explained in his theory about the universes that when the big band happened, the false vacuum started to decay, and creating large amount of different size of particles. These different sizes of particles are in same structure to our universe.

He also revealed that the whole universe is vaster than the prediction of any person. If we consider this theory, those created particles also started to decay in the shape of bubble same as our universe. The false vacuum as decayed more, the more it produces bubble, and creates more universes as a result. So we have to believe that many universes are exists in different shape, but in the same structure as we have our universe, with same properties, and with same regulations of physics.

Now we have two major ideas about the object combinations of these universes. One idea consists on the exception of similarities of physical rules and matters between these universes and our universe. However, there could be different combinations of same objects in all the universes, due to the different degree at the time of creation. For example, oceans on other universes would have different size and locations than our universe has, but it is confirmed that they also exist on the other universes.

The other idea depends on the exceptions of different attitude and physical, chemical structure between the other universes and our universe.

The first idea of the Multiple Universes allows us to believe that a person can present on many universes at the same time, and if you got the abilities to travel to these other universes, you may find other copies of yourself on different universes. It is possible that you would have different outcomes and different experiences on each universe, like a doctor on one universe, a thief on other, and a president on the other universe.

Anyhow, many idealists thought it a real phenomenon and need more study to prove it, rather than assuming them just a science fiction subject.

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.