Leggings have become more and more commonplace as the trend towards activewear and athleisure has taken off. Whether it’s due to the current pandemic, or just the shift in consumer trends, but it’s obvious that leggings are here to stay as part of the modern wardrobe. Ever versatile, women are making the shift from jeans to leggings in droves. From scrunch bum to differently colored (but equally flattering) legging styles, there are a number of benefits that women are drawn to: 

They Are Comfortable

Some outfits, especially bottoms, although you may look amazing in them, they’re not that comfortable. And with more and more office events being replaced by zoom meetings, comfort has become a premier request among modern-day professionals. When you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to get be more productive and get more done, or at least that’s how I feel. And with working from home being ever more prevalent, there’s something about being able to multi-task different household chores without having to change that provides a sense of power.

They Blend in With Any Outfit

It can usually be a pain to find the best trousers for a particular top. Color or style combinations can be especially hard because not many types and colors of clothes are compatible with each other. And therein lies the appeal for quality leggings. Range of colors that team up well with not only a top but different shoes. On top of that, there are even those fashion-forward leggings that help to flatten your stomach and flatter your curves – think about the last time your jeans helped you do that!  

They May Have a Sexier Look

From leather leggings to nude leggings, they can definitely help with your style. While shorts can reveal those toned legs you’ve been working so hard to achieve, they’re a little more difficult to pull off in the colder months when they they’re more likely to turn blue from the low temperature. Whereas tight-fitting leggings, with their flattering shape and ability to flatten your stomach and accentuate your gains, are a great way to show off what you’ve been working hard to achieve. 

They are Perfect for Exercise Regimens

On top of being comfortable, quality leggings are also multi-purpose leggings that can handle the demands of a HITT workout. Being able to go from the home office to a home workout is a big plus, even more so knowing your workout attire is squat proof and will provide with the proper support you need. Given their fit, you’ll get a better look at the work your legs are doing, which in turn will make your exercise more effective and efficient. It also deals with sweat very well through sweat-wicking technology. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve come to embrace leggings. High waisted, scrunch bum, nude and flattering! But of course not all leggings are created equally. You can view some of my favorite and best selling leggings. here. Don’t forget – Black Friday and Christmas deals will make leggings from all major brands even more affordable. 

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