This article is for bloggers and people considering blogging.

If you haven’t considered blogging, you’ll be interested in the advantages of blogging. Be sure to stay until the end, when this post discusses an advantage I never predicted.

Advantages of Blogging

Let’s start with some advantages of blogging you may have heard of.

You can make money.
When a large group of people get together, to monetize. A common form of monetization: Bloggers find a product they believe in and become an affiliate for the marketer. They advertise their affiliate links on the blogs, in the content, and in the sidebar. When people click and purchase, they get affiliate income.

Bloggers don’t need to limit their affiliate promotion to their websites. They can promote on social media sites too like the sites listed here:

For instance, you can promote affiliate links on Twitter. Monetization potential is one advantage of Twitter. Use hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, so people can find your content.
Here are more advantages of Twitter:
Here are more advantages of Instagram:

You meet interesting people.
When you blog, you have a chance to “meet” people from all walks of life and geographical locations you would never have met otherwise.

Knowing them puts life into perspective as you realize many people have hardships you couldn’t have otherwise envisioned. I’ve met bloggers who devote their posts to helping people in prison, with strokes, and who have lost loved ones for instance.

Your work ethic improves.
Blogging takes diligence. Are you diligent? Maybe blogging is for you.

If you are not diligent but find you love blogging once you begin, don’t worry. Your work ethic evolves. You must meet your editorial deadlines. Your readers expect it and Google likes active blogs.

Your creativity improves.
Discovering how to hook readers takes creativity. Also, learning how to make social media posts that engage followers also takes creativity.
For instance, I am so familiar with tools that generate unusual fonts; I have memorized the names of crazy text generators, and I teach people how to make a meme page.
Here you will find free tools to help you make memes like these best I can do meme generators:

Your writing skills improve.
The more I study blogging, the more I want to perfect my craft. This includes having a better vocabulary. I don’t mean a more advanced vocabulary since you want your writing to appeal to all people, not just people with degrees from Harvard. I am consistently trying to improve my introductions and the clarity of my writing, in addition to my vocabulary.

Surprising Blogging Advantages
You become a more well-rounded person.
This brings me to the advantage I didn’t expect. Besides having a more well-rounded vocabulary, I have become a more well-rounded person. When people sent me guest posts about stocks and Ethereum, for instance, I researched the topics to make sure my posts made sense.

I learned and continue to learn about topics I never would have had an interest in pursuing. This interest has transferred off the blog. I now listen to podcasts on topics I have developed newfound interests in. I pick people’s brains in conversation to see how they feel about these topics that just a few years ago were foreign to me.

Another surprising outcome: I am a teacher by day. I am able to use my teacher tools as a blogger like these word cloud generators:

Certainly I use my knowledge of plagiarism as both a blogger and a teacher. I avoid plagiarism and expect my students to avoid it. Here is more information about the dangers of plagiarism:

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many advantages to blogging like having free tools to help you. For instance, MozBar is a free Chrome extension. Here is more information:

Maybe blogging is for you. Why not give it a try?

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