Many people say they want to “reach their full potential.” But, how can you actually “Reach your full potential” You reach your full potential when you discover and maximize all of your talents to suit your own purposes. Yet, few people Know all of their many different God Given talents. Why? Because when everyone receives our talents at birth, God didn’t give us a LIST. All of us were left to find ways to discover our talents on our own.

What is a talent anyway?

A talent is the capacity to perform certain activities or processes easier, faster, with less effort, and more naturally than other people. Talents provide people with the aptitude, the potential and the ability to do something better and easier than others. Talents can be physical, mental or emotional or any combination of all three. Talents come in different types, different degrees and different forms for different people. People are blessed with whole array of different talents that have been lurking within them all of their lives. No two people have the exact same bundle of talents at the same degrees. They might have learned about some of their talents and thought that was all they had.  So they overlook the majority of their talents that are still there. These hidden, unknown talents are being wasted far too frequently, and uncovering them will most often generate a remarkable life changing development.

How do talents and Skills relate to each other?

“A skill is the learned ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results.” People must learn and develop their skills to enhance and fulfill their talents. People with exceptional talents in one specific area have the greatest CAPACITY to learn the skills necessary to succeed in that field. For example, Michael Jordan had the natural talent to play basketball, but he had to learn and develop his skills to play basketball to maximize his talents. He achieved remarkable basketball heights because he worked hard at developing his skills to play basketball by maximizing his exceptional natural basketball talents to do so. He clearly attained his full potential on the basketball court.

It is not easy for people to discover their own talents.

There are no formal methods, processes, or schools that are designed to help people to uncover all of their true talents. In fact, the normal schooling process most humans go through while growing up focus almost exclusively on imparting outside information INTO their brains. Schools try to teach external facts, systems, languages, theories and other information that originates from sources outside the students. Students are constantly looking outside themselves to absorb new external knowledge. There are lots of different assessment tests and such that purport to reveal talents, but in truth they are inaccurate, very general, and unfortunately misleading. They frequently cause more harm than good.

All human talents are WITHIN, requiring people to become students of themselves

People must look inside themselves to discover their talents, and unfortunately students rarely get the chance to do so, and even more rarely are encouraged to even try. Looking inside oneself is not easy because the natural schooling practices focus students in the opposite direction, and because of where our eyes are. We look out. Most people do not look for their talents. Thus, it becomes difficult for people to see and recognize all of their inner talents.

Examples of unique talents almost being wasted

Michael Jordan was cut from as a sophomore from his high school basketball team. Albert Einstein was told that he had to repeat the fifth grade, because he was deemed to be too slow, when it is estimated that he could have taught the eleventh grade at the time. Luckily for everyone, somehow Michael and Albert discovered their remarkable talents so they both could develop the skills to reach their full potentials, which helped them generate unbelievable achievements later in life.

You might become the next Michael Jordon, Albert Einstein or Susan Boyle in Your Field

Yes, you have more hidden talents within you than you think. And one of your talents might be so powerful that when you uncover it you will be able to develop it to reach unbelievable levels, and have more fun than you thought possible. Think about Susan Boyle, a middle-aged housewife and mother in England who discovered her remarkable talent to sing and how developing her singing changed her life when she fulfilled her dream by singing “I Dreamed the Dream” on a talent show. She blew the show away and her performance became an instant hit on the Internet.  You too might become the next Susan Boyle in something. All you have to do is seek out your own talents, and find out for yourself. You have nothing to lose trying and everything to gain. Go for it!

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