Suede trainers are durable, attractive and easily cared for. Some runners and athletes might believe that purchasing the suede trainers would be a bad choice because they think they are less durable than leather with a smooth finish. Some are also under the impression that they are not as easy to care for as are polished leather shoes.

The above mentioned impressions do not apply to this type of leather today. It is equally as low-maintenance, durable and attractive as is leather. As a matter of fact, suede training-shoes could be a great choice to add to the sports-shoe wardrobe.

If there is any one main feature to make a priority, that would be to ensure the shoes have metal grommets on the lace holes. This precaution will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will add to the durability and longevity of the shoe. The variety of soles on these training shoes is usually the same as their leather counterparts; so, this is not normally a concern.

As with any training or running shoe, proper fit is crucial. It is important that shoe fits snugly without leaving too much room at the toes. Recommendations state toe comfort is facilitated when shoes laces are tied properly accommodating the toes' natural spread while running, walking, exercising or playing sports.

Wearing thin cotton socks will help keep feet comfortable in training shoes. Cotton absorbs moisture, keeps feet cool and prevents the skin from rubbing on the inside of the shoe. Thin cotton socks will be just a comfortable in these shoes as in leather ones.

Sports-players, runners and walkers need to wear sports shoes as do aerobics participants and zumba dancers. Suede sports shoes are attractive and can be a nice change of pace - pun intended.

Just as with leather, suede will not be ruined in the rain. It is important, however, to let it dry well in order to avoid stains, marks and mildew from forming. Once the material has dried, a really stiff wire brush will revive the nap.

Dirt, dust and marks are easily removed with a short-bristled wire brush. These brushes are made especially for this reason. Light brushings between wearing removes dust and refreshes the shoe's attractive appearance.

Bath or hand-towels are good to soak up water from the nap. Residual water spots will be eliminated by dabbing the nap with a cloth towel. It is a good idea to air-dry these shoes in warm places to prevent the growth of mildew, mould and unpleasant odors.

Stubborn stains can be removed with diluted vinegar. It is not a good idea to leave dried vinegar on the material as it will create a splotchy finish, so it is best to removed it with a stiff wire brush. It would be wise to use protective and sealing sprays frequently as they are designed specifically for this type of leather and will not ruin the nap.

The suede trainers are attractive and as easy to take care of as are the more popular leather shoes. It can be a good investment as a change of pace from leather trainers.

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