The Stress-Free Move Hasn't Been Invented Yet. But at Admiral, We’re Getting Close…

Did you know moving consistently ranks among the top ten most stressful life events? Because of the total disruption in your routine and having your belongings in a state of upheaval, moving can truly be tough.

While moving is never completely stress-free, there ARE some simple ways to make your move much less stressful—all you need is a little wisdom and some advance planning to make a BIG difference in how smoothly things go. At Admiral, we’re happy to share our wisdom from many years and many moves with you -- in the hope that your NEXT move can be your BEST move.

Admiral’s Top 10 Tips for A (Relatively) Relaxing Move

10. If you don’t need it or love it, lose it before you move. The less stuff you move, the easier and less stressful your move will be. Belongings seem to magically reproduce when you’re not paying attention—you keep acquiring new things without getting rid of the old, and before you know it, you’re over-stuffed! There’s never a better time to de-clutter and divest yourself of the worldly possessions that you no longer need, love or use than before you move.

9. Go ahead, give away the farm. For a double-dose of feeling good, downsize your life by donating your unwanted possessions-- call your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or your charity of choice, and be sure to keep appropriate receipts for a little extra deduction at tax time.

8. Sell your stuff (you’ll be surprised at what others will pay for). If someone will buy your belongings, SELL them! Have a yard sale, put them on Craig’s List, sell them on eBay—the used goods marketplace has never been easier to access, so take advantage. You’ll not only make money, you’ll also reduce the amount of stuff you have to move, which will lower your packing and moving costs.

7. Be the “Early Bird.” Shop early enough that you can compare pricing-- get estimates far ahead of time from three different movers, and be sure you are able to make an apples-to-apples comparison of similar services. With Good Mover they will book up well in advance if you wait too late the only movers available are likely the ones you DO NOT want!

6. Do a little homework BEFORE you sign. Check your potential movers with Better Business Bureau, state licensing/regulatory agencies, and get references and take the time to check them. Look for a long track record of exemplary service.

5. Some days ARE better than others. Avoid scheduling your move on Thursday, Friday or Saturday—they are the busiest days of the week when it comes to moving, so not only will your movers be in a hurry, but it will probably also be more expensive.

4. Aim for the middle… of the month, that is. Avoid scheduling your move at the end of month and around the first of the month. Almost ALL apartment leases, house closings and commercial properties occur at that time, so if YOUR move doesn't, it will be far less stressful.

3. Slow and steady is the key. Even though you just want your move DONE, preferably yesterday, take a deep breath. A move is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ll have a calmer experience if you accept that and pace yourself. You’re going to be at it until it’s done, so take it easy and avoid rushing it to reduce accidents caused by hurried sloppiness.

2. Pack like you would for a vacation, think of it as an adventure. There is always a possibility, especially with long-distance moves, of delays or hiccups along the way—sometimes, life happens. If there’s an undue delay, you’ll likely be reimbursed by the mover (since you did your homework, it’s in your contract!), so it’s not about the money— and if you make sure you have what you need with you as far as clothing and essentials, including a laid-back attitude, you won’t sweat the small stuff.

1. Don’t forget basic provisions (food and drink). Nothing will raise your blood pressure more than your stomach gnawing at itself or being so parched your lips stick to your teeth when it’s over 90 degrees in the blazing sun or 30 below in a snowstorm. And it’s good to have a little extra food and drink on hand for your movers, just in case. A drink and a snack when desperately needed can make a HUGE difference (trust us, we know!).

Following these 10 simple tips will definitely help make what is normally a very stressful time far less so. And having an expert, professional mover handling your move won’t hurt any either. So if you’d like to get a quote for your next move, please contact Admiral today at We’ll be happy to pass along some additional advice on how your move -- if not exactly relaxing -- can at least be as stress-free as possible.

Author's Bio: 

Scott McNelley is a lifelong problem-solver and entrepreneur who uses creativity, ingenuity and hard work to find the best solutions for his moving and storage customers in Alabama and beyond. When a good solution doesn’t already exist, Scott creates one by “Imagineering” new equipment or systems that deliver the results his customers need and deserve.

Scott’s first business was a small local moving company that he started while in college and later sold (the company is still in business today). He then started Admiral Movers, which has grown over the years into a much larger office moving firm, now known as “Montgomery’s Only True Office Mover.”
With Admiral, Scott took office moving to the next level, by creating several revolutionary techniques and new moving equipment that he conceived and built in direct response to the unmet needs of his customers. Among other office move improvements, Scott created Admiral’s AirGlide℠ Computer Moving and Office Gondola℠ Systems, which together offer a truly “boxless, crateless” moving solution that better protects expensive equipment and gives customers better access to their property before, during and after a move.

Encouraged by the success of Admiral Movers, Scott was able to expand his ability to serve his customers by starting two other enterprises: Redwood Properties, a real estate holding company, and Admiral Records Management (ARM), a document management and storage specialty firm and a proven leader in secure information transition, relocation, conversion and storage. Banks, hospitals, government agencies, the military, corporations, and medical practices have come to rely on ARM to maintain privacy, coordinate logistics, and provide the ultimate in protection of their client data.

ARM is a natural extension of his work with Admiral, and Scott brought the same creativity and problem-solving ingenuity to the difficulties his customers face when managing their critical business records. With ARM, Scott introduced Intelligent Archiving, an unconventional approach to on-demand document scanning services that makes it easier and less expensive than ever for customers to transition to a fully-paperless office. Intelligent Archiving also safeguards patient privacy and ensures total compliance for customers in the medical and healthcare fields that are making the change.

Scott’s efficient and cost-effective solutions have saved his customers money, time, backaches and headaches over the years, and his innovations, along with service that consistently exceeds expectations, are the biggest reasons his customers won’t go anywhere else for office moving or document management and storage assistance.

To learn more about how Scott’s passion for creative problem-solving can help your firm with an office move or document management and storage, please visit:

Or you can simply email, or call 334-262-6666 today!