An emotional detox is probably the best thing you can do for your health. In the short-term, it relieves stress, improves sleep quality, strengthens your immune system and helps you cope better with life. In the long-term it could prevent life-threatening diseases from developing. What is more, it is simple to do, and you don't have to give up coffee, chocolate or your evening glass of wine!

In this article, I will show you how to find and release the toxic emotions stored in your body, leaving your system squeaky-clean and healthy.

Forgive and Forget - Is This Possible?

Over the years, we subconsciously collect anger, resentments, grudges and hatred. These low vibrations literally act like poison, locking your body into fight-or-flight mode and leaving your cells vulnerable to illness and disease.

Think back over the last few weeks to an incident which made you angry or upset. Did someone push in front of you in the queue? Did your partner fail to notice that you'd cleaned the house? Did your colleague get the promotion that should have been yours? Each time something like this happens, your subconscious notches up a resentment. Do you feel that same anger, injustice or hatred welling up inside you when you recall the event? If you do, and the heat of the experience returns to you, then you are still holding the emotional poison.

The truth is that while we consciously do our best to forgive and forget, subconsciously we do not.

Don't Force It - Be Persuasive

The key to shifting the old emotional poison is to understand how your subconscious mind works, and to play its game. If you try to force something, what you get is resistance. This is a universal law of Physics - Newton's 3rd Law in fact!

To get results, take a subtle approach and go for persuasion. Your subconscious always acts in its own interest, but it only holds onto what it needs. So, if you make it believe that releasing the toxic emotion is a good idea, it will simply let it go.

To do this, you need to find out what your subconscious believes it is learning from the resentment. That is the key!

Release the Poison and Heal

Let's take the example of the person who pushed in front of you in the queue. Instead of simply looking at it as a negative event, you will now turn it around and identify a positive gift. In doing so, you will be able to clear the resentment in a couple of minutes.

  • Relax, close your eyes, focus into your heart and breathe gently for a few seconds.
    Now, bring to mind the resentment you wish to clear.
  • Ask yourself, "Why do I need this resentment, what am I learning from it?" Whatever comes into your mind is the right answer, however illogical it may seem. Often, your subconscious is learning how not to do something. Perhaps the person who pushed in front of you in the queue is teaching you to have good manners, to be tolerant or calm under pressure! There may be several lessons or gifts associated with one resentment.
  • Now is the time to talk to your subconscious. Tell it that you have learnt all you need from that resentment, and it's unnecessary to keep it any longer.
    Imagine the lessons being crossed off a list. See this happening in your mind's eye.
  • Imagine or visualize the dark energy of that old resentment lifting out of your body and transforming into light. Feel yourself become lighter as that burden is lifted.
  • Now imagine a dark cord between you and the other person - this is the obligation between you. Mentally release them from the obligation of teaching you that lesson, and imagine the cord dissolving, leaving you both free.
  • Now ask the Universe to send high vibration healing energy to fill the void left by the resentment, and imagine brilliant sparkling light filling your body.

When the emotional toxin has been released, you will be able to recall the event and feel neutral. If you still experience the old feelings, then repeat the process, finding more lessons, until the heat is gone from the memory.

The Next Steps

Set aside a few minutes each week to clear your upsetting and stressful memories, starting with recent events. This technique can be applied to any stressful memory, big or small. Once you start this process, you will find that old resentments begin to come up for clearing. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Instead, keep in mind that every single resentment you clear from your body is a drop of poison released forever, and a significant step towards your long-term health and well-being.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse studied at Cambridge University and had a scientific career before ME forced her to re-evaluate her life and change direction. During her return to health, she came to realise that disease is invariably linked with negative mental beliefs, and clearing these roots can be key in long-term health. She is now an author, a healer and transformational therapist. Anne believes that everyone can empower themselves and change their lives by clearing their limiting subconscious beliefs. Her book, "You Are The Alchemist" takes you through this process step by step. Anne runs transformational workshops in the UK. For more information on clearing your negative beliefs and for ThetaHealing downloads go to