The best bicycle for fitness will be the one that you will ride… Unbelievably simple and at first seems to be a completely unhelpful as an answer. My intention after reading this post is that you’ll acknowledge the fact, it is all that really matters.

I lost count the amount of weeks I have spent searching the “best bike for fitness or weight loss” and getting advise from legitimate experts in the field.

A sample of my findings are in detail on my website

below a short list of things that I found common in my research to consider when picking a bike for weight loss

-What the type of riding you will be doing
-What is the terrain in the areas you intend to ride in.
-Your weight
-How much budget you have

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We aren’t essentially looking for the most luxurious or feature-packed products. Instead, we take into account the types of features that are likely to matter for the average user.