Let us begin with this little story: it is the story of the Three Beginnings and these are all about you, Young Ones, so you best listen and work out where you are upon these Beginnings.

So Beginning number One; first of all this is a Beginning in which you have indeed separated, in which you come down unto this earthly plane to experience its pleasures, to experience its pleasures and for many its grief, to realize yourself as nothing more than a physical Being, to realize yourself as nothing more than someone who wishes to create wealth, wishes to have success, is primarily/solely focussed on self and all that they can create for themselves, to build their empire regardless of how big or small it is purely self-focussed. And it is the space where you are denying your own truth, for the truth of your society, for the truth of your family, for the truth of what you have created for your own self. You have all been there, Young Ones, there is not one of you who has escaped that First Beginning.

And then there is the Second Beginning, a time which may be indeed familiar to many of you, a time in which you have begun to realize that the truth that you thought was true, the success that you thought was so important to you, is not. That there is a yearning and a burning that had begun in you, that there was a light some feeling that started to stir within you and you recognized in that moment that you must return home. You recognized that you have strayed so far, that the things in your life no longer hold such great substance for you. You do not respect them as much as you used to. And in that realization Young Ones, you recognized how far you have strayed from your own truth, from the True Self, from your Soul being expressed in your physical world. And for many this moment will be quite painful, quite stressful. There is an urgency, there is a hurriedness to return home, to get back to what you once knew...ringing any bells?

And then there is Beginning Three: within this Beginning you recognize that there has only ever truly really been one path for you, that path to your True Self, that path home. And in this Beginning, in this journey, you begin to uncover the expression of you. Who is the True Self? Who is this me, this enduring traveller, that continues along this path? You begin to ask yourself so many questions upon that journey... about your purpose, about your reason for being here; you begin to try to understand who am I really.

These Three Beginnings are all expressions that you are and will go through, and in all of them you are determining who you are. All the information that we have given you is to uncover these Three Beginnings. In each life these Three Beginnings are also present. The Three Beginnings are a fractal of each existence that you have existed within. The longevity of each Beginning, the length in which it was present within that life, will vary greatly. But for many of you they have always been there.

Within the Second Beginning is the space of the realization, it is where the beginning of Awareness occurs. In the Third Beginning, the space of Acceptance, you recognize that the only way to return home is through The Circle of Three* and Compassion for Self.

Through the Compassion for Self you have to begin to look internally, it becomes the inner-quest. For you have spread yourself externally across lands for so many lifetimes, you have allowed yourself to be interpreted physically through your job, through your family, through your relations, through your country. You have allowed yourself to experience so much in each of these journeys. In each of the decisions you have made, regardless of which Beginning you began in, and with the varying degrees of Awareness you had determined how long each Beginning hung around because you began to change you, you see.

Your journey truly begins the very time that you begin the Second Beginning, that one of an Awareness of you having strayed, the one in which you begin to feel your own light. As you do, Young Ones, you begin to change all of your lives to come.

You see the Three Beginnings occur within nearly all your lives. Eventually you won’t have to go through the first one, but you will have moved in between all three several times within your existence so far. And it is, you see, something for you all to be aware of, it is not that any Beginning is wrong, it is just an Awareness of Self. If as this burning that is beginning within you, if this light that is awakening starts to stir you, there can also be a battle because of the duality that we have talked about before that is going on within you. You are the only casualty in this battle because you begin to judge yourself. You criticise yourself saying, “I should be this, I should be that, my life should be this way, my life should be that way because I am a spiritual Being.”

What is a spiritual Being? Where are you within the Three Beginnings? What does it mean to be a spiritual Being? Why do you even need to label it, why can you not just be you? As we have said so many times we do not even like labels because they cage the expression, you cage yourself with that word. You do not need to do this, you do not need to label yourself or call yourself a particular thing, you are just in the process of becoming the fullest expression of you, you see Young Ones. You are becoming the True Self allowing yourself to be guided by your Soul’s wisdom and sharing this beauty with everyone and everything around you.
And you will move and you will float and you will experience all of the Three Beginnings and the more you accept the true expression of compassion that you are the more you will experience the peace and freedom that you seek. It is all about you in this Third Beginning on this eternal journey of you getting to truly know you, and what you allow and what you are denying for Self in this Third Beginning. Because eventually you will head to the Fourth Beginning, we’re not telling you what that is yet because no one is there!

And we know you will want to know how to do this, how to live in the Third Beginning and then move onto the Fourth! It is by using all the Awareness that we have presented to you in so many forms so far: it is the Universal Question* of “Who do you know yourself to be?” that is a key in this phase of your third journey. It is you recognizing that you are on this path of home, it is you determining your identity, it is why that Universal Question is there: who do you know yourself to be that is doing the Third Beginning? Maybe we should call it the Third Becoming... because it is you in this continual motion, continually questioning who you are, recognizing yourself as your Soul and asking yourself what sense of Self will allow it to be present within my life?

Consider this life as one experience Young One; you see again the question “Who do you know yourself to be?” Are you this life? Is that who you are? Are you that face that you see in your mirror each day? If you decide that that is who you are then which Beginning do you think you fit into? Because you see as you begin to realize this it starts to determine your future, it starts to determine your day to day. If you begin to realize that this life is one experience (and there are little sub-experiences of course that you are having daily) but what you are doing upon this journey in this one experience is continually being aware of what is occurring around you and who you are in that awareness.

It then becomes a step by step process that is not something you can ever rush, those who say that you can jump from here to there...hmmm...it’s a quick sale, it is not the purpose of any journey, otherwise it would not be a journey.

And so you within this life: who are you? Who is the you that is doing the journey? You need to begin to understand yourself within these Three Beginnings, you need to begin to have an understanding of all the information that we have given so far so that you can transform your life and spread your light and your beauty all around you.

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