There is a myth (no there isn’t, but it must sound legendary), that inside our body, right below our heart, there is a rosebush, which is planted in us as soon as we are planted in our mother’s body. We come in this world with it, but not everyone keeps it alive till the end.
When you are a child, having a rosebush inside your body is so easy! Your rosebush is small, your hands are small, your heart is big, you give roses even to the woman that offered you a cookie in the bakery for free. The roses grow really fast, in fact when you are little they grow as fast as your cells and the roses are given away at the same rate.
You water your rosebush every day, but you are not alone in its growth. Your mother, without knowing its real existence, helps you water it too and I think she is the only person that takes one rose every day without asking for it. She really praises about your roses. You give her one more, either with a smile or sometimes even though you have an angry bad face.
Many people help you take care of your Rosebush when you are little. And you are so tiny and cute that everyone loves the way you behave.
As you grow older, fewer people care about what is happening among your heart, stomach, liver, and things and that is probably normal. The rosebush is yours. In fact, it is the only thing that is truly yours in life. Now that you are an adult, you are the only responsible person for it and you choose the people that will hang out in your garden.
The more this strange plant enjoys the garden, the more it grows. The more you water it with a loving smiley face, the more roses it gives.
Some people feel uncomfortable with it, so they eradicate it or even pour poison on it so as to die.
And now let’s make it simple.
Your kind feelings are your rosebush. The love that you, as a wonderful human you are, need to give away every single day. If the people you need to give feelings to have killed their rosebush for one reason or another, they have forgotten how it is like to have one.
Your roses will be growing more and more every day, till their thorns make you bleed inside. You will have the desperate need to give your flowers away. Don’t wait for them to understand your need, because they have forgotten. They are dead. Let them go with the people who are the same.
The only way not to bleed inside and not to pour acid on it so as to avoid pain is to be with people who not only help you have the courage to water your rosebush every day, but also those who adore getting one rose each day in the form of hugs, jokes, philosophy, encouragement and silly stuff. And are willing to enjoy it every single day of your wonderful soul on Earth.
Be proud of your rosebush. And keep it alive. We need you, the way you are.
And we are all in this, together.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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