Deciding on the right shoes should be a triple star when planning your wedding outfit. There is nothing more important than having happy feet the day of your big event. Gone are the stilettos for most of us. ( unless they are sexy Manolo Blatniks)

Instead we choose beautiful but practical alternatives to avoid wincing looks throughout the day or evening.
Matching your shoes to your dress and the venue where the ceremony is to take place often has its challenges. Especially when it is not your typical church or reception room. For instance, marrying on the beach or on the grass of a friend's home requires a shoe that can accommodate the ground changes so you don't fall flat on your face. That would be entertainment for your guests perhaps, but not a good memory for you and Mr. Wonderful.
Marrying when we were younger we learned how long onecould stand throughout the day, during the ceremony, reception and dancing the night away. There are some things to consider to keep your feet happy. Begin wearing your wedding shoes several weeks before the date. Put them on at the end of the day when your feet are the most swollen, and be careful to walk only where they won't be soiled. We found upon doing this our feet were much happier on our wedding day and gone were the wincing photos!
Elizabeth & Marsha

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