Are you wonderfully prosperous? Do you have more money than you know how to spend? Fantastic! Keep doing whatever you’ve been doing up ‘til now, because you are on the right track!

If not… if you have any kind of block to your flow of riches, money, prosperity or wealth, then maybe it’s time to re-align with the spiritual laws that govern prosperity. According to Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, these four laws are tithing, forgiveness, passion and planning. In this article we will focus on PASSION.

What is passion? The dictionary definition includes “powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger, ardent love, strong sexual desire and/or the object of such love or desire.” So it’s whatever we feel strongly drawn towards, a direction we feel compelled to take, or an activity we find fascinating and absorbing. That focus+enthusiasm is the strongest possible force for creating what we desire in our lives – including money.

Ever heard the expression “do what you love and the money will follow”? Well, there is a lot of truth in that. Your passion creates a channel in your energy fields, and more you focus, the stronger and deeper the channel. This makes it easier to do what you are passionate about. It’s a self-stoking cycle.

Most of us have a pretty clear idea of what we are passionate about, because it’s what we naturally enjoy and/or feel happy doing. We each have an affinity or talent for certain interests or activities: music, dancing, writing, physics, toy trains, or (in my case) chocolate. When you engage in your passions, your inner being is saying “yes!” and guiding you in the direction of your divine blueprint..

Now, the third law of prosperity is PASSION! So what are you passionate about? What fills you with focus, joy and excitement? That is a great indicator of what you are here to do on this planet. We each have a specific assignment; there is something only you can do within the overall assignment of the human race to recreate heaven on earth. Obviously, you are going to have the best and most excellent life if you follow your divine blueprint. The way to figure that out is by following your passions. You don’t have to explain them, justify them, or explain them to anyone else: your passions are sufficient in themselves.

What you are passionate about indicates your desires, and your desire nature is a direct connection between your human self and your divine self. Contrary to the Buddhist precept that desire always brings suffering, I believe that desire is your divine self saying “this one, not that one”. When you are born, you take on a veil that blocks your eternal soul from knowing what it is here to do. The only way you can get direct guidance is through your emotions – through what you want and don’t want, through what you are passionate about. Passion not only shows you where to go, it keeps you on track towards getting there.

Now, passion has seven components: love, knowledge, desire, excellence, focus, vision and integration. So if your passions are not sufficiently clear to you, if you are not aware of what you are here to do, then ask yourself:

1. What do I LOVE more than anything else?
2. What do I KNOW better than anyone else?
3. What do I DESIRE, want, crave, feel attracted to?
4. What do I EXCEL AT? What do I learn or do with natural ease?
5. What do I FOCUS ON whether I consciously intend to or not?
6. What do I SEE that others don’t? What is my vision for my perfect world? What problems am I aware of for which I may be part of the solution?
7. What do I need to INTEGRATE? Integration means getting your system lined up with what you want, on all levels.

We are here to be passionate, and to pursue our passions! When we think about God (or Spirit, or whatever word you use), we don’t picture some deity slogging away, bored and listless, incompetent or mediocre. The ancient Greek and Roman gods were metaphorical embodiments of their passions, whether it be for pleasure (Aphrodite/Venus), war (Ares/Mars), governing (Jove/Jupiter), wisdom (Athene/Minerva), hunting (Artemis/Diana) or technology (Haephestus/Vulcan). From the divine perspective, it’s ALL about passion!

So what does this have to do with money and prosperity? Well, if our passions indicate what we are here to do, then it’s not possible we are sent to do something without the resources to do it. Money, prosperity and abundance enable us fulfill our assignments and bring our passions into manifestation. So to me it makes sense that focusing on your passions will open the conduit through which money and abundance can flow into your life to support those assignments.

God doesn’t limit our abundance – we do. God doesn’t say to a tree “if you lose any of those leaves, I’m not giving you more!”

So there you have the third of our four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, forgiveness, passion and planning. Try these four spiritual laws for just three months, and see how quickly your income goes up – and your fulfillment, too!

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Dr. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran human programmer and integration coach. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; she helps high-flyers all over the world to create their rich, delicious lives. Find out how human reprogramming can help you soar! Sign up now for your FREE one-hour strategy session at