Information based healing is a new and unique type of energy work based on accessing energetic information from the body and activating it for the purpose of healing.

The Science of Information
Science reporter Mark Buchman wrote in New Science Magazine that “an increasing number of physicists and other kinds of scientists believe that information is a kind of subtle substance that lies behind and beneath physical stuff”.

Frontier theorists view information as a guiding and organizing force in nature, a force that creates systems.

Peter Frazer, author of Decoding The Human Body Field states that “the systems view of information – as a force-like entity in its own right that can direct energy and affect matter is changing the face of biology and medicine. Biology is moving beyond the study of the matter of life and beginning to consider how fields, energies and information shape and direct life itself. “

The motivation to research the realm of information came from the understanding that although chemistry and bio-chemistry have been very successful in explaining many of the body’s mechanisms, its inadequate in itself to explain the integrative aspect of the body's functioning.

Deepak Chopra said that the body is simply too complex to be ruled by chemistry alone; there is some deeper process involved that keeps everything running at the level of precision the body demands.

Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton in his book The biology of Belief states that Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating… because each atom has its own energy signature, assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying energy pattern. So every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature.

Information therefore is the base of the body’s intelligence that knows and directs all the complex processes that occur simultaneously at any given moment.

Types of Information
There are two basic types of information:
Primary Information
Secondary information

Primary information
Information that addresses the potential held in the “Self”. This information is a given and is organized in layer type structure. The information available is affected by levels of self-awareness and the degree to which we know who we are and live by our authentic truth.

Most people live within the limitations of social and cultural norms therefore they experience only a very negligible percentage of their authentic potential.
Accessing this type of information supports healing and personal development because it expands the “Self” and facilitates the opportunity to express and manifest aspects of the “Self” that previously were unavailable.

In practical terms this implies that you have more inner resources available to you for dealing with life situations and that you’ll be able to express yourself and be in the world in new ways. You expand what is possible by activating dormant programming.

For example: if you have experienced a lot of scarcity in your life, by completing the program of scarcity and awakening a new program you could potentially experience abundance.

If you've experienced a lot of disease in your life, by completing that specific program you could potentially experience health.

(Both the examples are simplified to demonstrate the extent of potential change of reality involved in working with information).

Secondary Information
Peter Frazer in his book Decoding The Human Body Field writes that” your body field is a holographic structure that records everything that happens to you and everything to which you are exposed”.

The information registered at any given moment can either strengthen or weaken the body. Different than primary information,secondary information can be worked and released using energy based therapies and sequences.
Releasing weakening information is essential,not only for health purposes but for overall wellness and getting out of habitual patterns that are not resourceful.

Information Medicine
A frontier field of medicine and healing that recognizes and works with information as a means to promote health.
According to Information medicine, disease is the result of disrupted or distorted information or interference and blockages within the information system.

Healing is accomplished by identifying and addressing the distortion or blockage so that information can flow freely and properly.

Information Patterns
Frequencies carry specific patterns and programming. These patterns determine the specific type of experiences you will experience throughout your life. For better and worse, as long as your energy patterns patterns stay unchanged, you will continue to experience the same type of experiences.

Activating Information
Accessing information from the body activates the energy system to complete old and unhealthy patterns and to awaken new resourceful patterns.

Benefits of Information Healing
1. Completion and release of old and unhealthy energy patterns.

2. Awakening and integration of new resourceful patterns, introducing true potential for change because new patterns create new experiences

3. Point of no return: shifting programming ensures that you don’t go back to your old programming because once released, old programming is not available any more.

The Information Session
1. Accessing information: the ability to access information form the body is facilitated by synchronization between the facilitators energy field and the client’s energy field. The work is done sitting down. The information is accessed as words and relates to your current condition and what is needed to “fix” it.

2. Activation of the energy system: things begin to happen in your body and in your life that help you identify what aspects need healing.

3. Body work: given that the process occurs in the body, in many cases the body needs to be supported. This is done by addressing your energy field in an energy based healing session.

4. Completing the old: at a certain point you will realize that the old doesn't exists any more and is not there for you. The old ceases to be relevant.

5. Awakening the new : as soon as the old is completed and released the energy system automatically awakens a new pattern that gradually makes itself apparent.

What It Is Not
Information is not channeling in any way shape or form and its not intuitive work either.
Information healing is a science based on information accessed from each individual body.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Jacobs, holistic healer, has 25 years experience as clinical healer, educator and speaker. Her clinical expertise is emotional, spiritual and personality –related healing. Joan teaches at the Faculty of Health Sciences and at the School of Continuing Education for The Medical Profession at The Ben Gurion University, Israel, and has held senior teaching and directing positions at leading schools of complementary medicine. Joan instructs cancer and substance abuse recovery programs as well as women’s empowerment and health programs.
In the corporate world Joan addresses interpersonal relationships in the work place and has worked with some of Israel's leading companies. In 2010 she created The Light Within International Healing and Personal Transformation Workshop Program) and published her first book titled Messages from the Soul-A Holistic Approach to Healing. She is former host of The Light Within Weekly Radio Talk Show on VoiceAmerica and is manager of The Light Within Online Community