Fuerteventura is a verdant Spanish island and belongs to the Canaries overlooking the Atlantic off the African coast. Its coordinates are 28°20'N, 14°00'W. And with an space of 1,660 sq. km it's also the 2nd biggest in the archipelago.

General, it?s a reasonably lengthy island. It's really 100 kilometers long and over 30 kilometers in width. It is a part of the Las Palmas province. It is divided into 6 municipalities, namely ? Antigua, Betancuria, La Oliva, Pájara, Puerto del Rosario and Tuineje. There are hundred distinctive settlements distributed all through these municipalities. Then once more, the close by islet called the Islote de Lobos happens to be part of the municipality of La Oliva. Fuerteventura stands barely 100 kilometers off the North African coast. Like just stated, it ranks second among the many Canaries, proper behind after Tenerife.

This one has the lengthiest seashores among the many archipelago islands of the Canaries. This island happens to be the destination for sturdy sun, sandy seashores and great watersports or things like that. By way of latitude Fuerteventura is pretty similar to Florida and Mexico. Likewise, the temperatures round here hardly fall beneath 18 °C (or sixty four °F). Equally, chances are low that you?ll get to see the temperature stage rising over above 24 °C (or seventy five °F). There?re at least one hundred fifty beaches alongside the coastline. So that you get 50 kilometers of fantastic white sand as well as 25 kilometers of black volcanic shingles.

Fuerteventura happens to be some of the ancient islands among the many Canaries. Some historians depicted that it dates back round twenty million years and got here to formation due to massive volcanic eruption which stemmed from the hotspot of the Canary. Most components of this island was created a minimum of 5 million years back. Since then it was being eroded by sturdy wind and totally different kinds of weathering. Onto the seabed right off the western coast of Fuerteventura, you will see that an incredible block of volcanic rock which is 22 kilometers long and round eleven kilometers in width.

Some experts have concluded that this rock actually slid off Fuerteventura as a big intact stone. And so they imagine that this was a prehistoric incident. This is just about comparable with the predictions of the scientists regarding the upcoming disintegration of Cumbre Vieja, which occurs to be a famend geological fault onto the adjoining island, La Palma. In keeping with historic data, the ultimate volcanic activity of Fuerteventura happened four to 5 thousand years ago.

The peak tip if Fuerteventura is a mountain known as Mount Jandía. It?s round 807 meters excessive on the southwest aspect of Fuerteventura. Geographical options also embody the renowned Istmo de la Pared. This one is 5 kilometers in width wide and happens to be among the many narrowest areas of this island. This island is now cut up into 2 parts. One in every of them is the northern half known as Maxorata, while the southwestern aspect is understood to be - the Jandía peninsula. This island happens to be among the many least settled among all different islands of the Canaries.

The weather conditions are good too. Folks like visiting the Ajuy beach. Climatic conditions on Fuerteventura occur to be very pleasant all by means of the year. It's due to the unique local weather individuals call it - the island of eternal spring. There may be sea round Fuerteventura at it contributes a lot in adjusting the temperature to nice levels. In keeping with many environment experts, that is what makes the sizzling Sahara winds drive away off the island.

A sandstorm called the Calima (which is pretty much like the Scirocco wind blowing north? proper from the center of Sahara into totally different elements of European regions) blows in the direction of the southwestern route from the central Sahara. This might cause awfully excessive temperatures in addition to lower visibility at times. It takes some time for most people to adjust to the drying air. When this occurs, temperature remains at around 10 levels Celsius.

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